Our Favorite Luxury Vegan Brands Worldwide



Veganism is making a breakthrough in the luxury fashion world. There is a shift happening worldwide, with more designers adopting sustainable alternatives. The Vegan Society reported that between 2017 and 2018, there was a 39% increase in ‘vegan fashion’ searches. 


Luxury Vegan Fashion is becoming increasingly popular, and it is seen as a long-term investment that will be beneficial not only to the consumer, but to the environment. 


Leticia Credidio – London, UK

Leticia Credidio won PETA’s Designer to Watch 2019 because of her eponymous brand’s ethos. The pieces are handmade in Italy with sustainability at the core. It’s clear that Leticia Credidio is inspired by nature, from the names of the pieces to the fabrics she uses. Seaweed (Seacell™) is used to produce some of her pieces, not only because it is sustainable, but because it releases hydration as you wear it. Leticia Credidio is comfort, wellbeing, and ethicality all in one. 



Nanushka – Hungary

‘A contemporary house for the modern human’ is how Nanushka describes itself. Their designs are versatile but classic, and can be worn all year round. Most famous for their vegan leather, Nanushka has fought against animal products and unsustainable ‘pleather,’ using polyurethane and polyester to create a vegan doppelgänger. 



Fjørdsøn - Switzerland

This watch brand is vegan approved by PETA and The Vegan Society. Not only are their watches cruelty-free, but they donate 5% revenue to a local animal shelter in Belgium. Swiss watches are known for their high quality because of the methods they use, and Fjørdsøn are no different. But, they go the extra mile with rigorous checks, carbon neutral shipping and recycled packaging. 


Save the Duck – Italy

Founded in 2012, Save the Duck uses modern technology to create jackets that are cruelty-free. They use Plumtech® to mimic the fluffiness that down and feathers give, whilst also giving the same beneficial properties. The jackets and coats are lightweight, warming, and waterproof, providing the perfect protection against cold weather. This year they climbed Everest, marking the first ever animal-free ascent in the history of mountaineering. 


Svala – Los Angeles, USA

Pineapple, Cork, and recycled plastic bottles. These are the 3 fabrics that Svala uses to make their vegan bags. The designs are classic but innovative with exceptional attention to detail; the wallet purses have detachable chains and come with an organic cotton dust bag. Svala also donates 10% of their profits to charities, including wildlife charities that fight to end illegal trading of animals across the world.   

Kanabis – India

Hemp has been used in clothing for centuries, and it’s making a comeback. At Kanabis, they use hemp to create vegan footwear that not only protects the environment, but gives you the ultimate comfort. This PETA approved vegan brand make footwear that is perfect for hot climates. India has a huge footwear industry, but founder Devika Srimal Bapna noticed that there wasn’t really a market for vegan footwear. So, Kanabis was born.  

Eco Intimates – Australia 

Luxury lingerie, what more could you need? This Australian brand produces bespoke lingerie and sleepwear made from organic and sustainable cotton. This lingerie offers you the ultimate comfort and love your body deserves and needs – and it’s all handmade! The inclusive brand works closely with a small production team to ensure a more sustainable production and consumption of their pieces. 



Alexandra K – Poland 

Alexandra K’s mission is to convert people to luxury vegan fashion. This brand proves that luxury fashion can be ethical and sustainable. They are constantly developing and looking for more innovative alternatives. It’s promising to see such transparency from a high-fashion brand. Instead of using polyurethane, Alexandra K uses Freedom-Leather, a 100% silicone, non-plastic material that doesn’t strain the environment. One of their most unique fabrics is Apple-leather made from leftover harvested apples – how clever! 


Hemp Tailor – Spain 

Winter fashion just got a whole lot easier with this vegan brand. Parkas and coats made from hemp, faux fur, and recycled plastic bottles are not only insulating, but super fashionable. Using faux fur that mimics lamb’s wool, Hemp Tailor focuses on creating sustainable pieces that will benefit the consumer. Hemp’s hypo-allergenic properties makes the colder months easier and cosier. 


+ Words: Shaelei Parmar

Shaelei Parmar is a Fashion and Sustainability Blogger. She recently graduated with a degree in English and Drama and is beginning her journey as a writer and sustainable consumer. She has her own Blog ( https://shaestyles.blog/).

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