How Sustainable is Prada?



Prada is one of the brands leading the ranking "Top Sustainable Luxury Fashion Brands 2022". Luxiders analyzes the impact of their business, products, social actions and cultural actions. 


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The Prada Group have signed a supply agreement to power all of its Italian facilities with 100% renewable energy; all from solar, wind, hydroelectric or geothermal sources. As part of The Sustainability Pact, Prada wants to reach net-zero carbon emission by 2050, achieve 100% renewable energy by 2030, eliminate single use plastic by 2030 and to support innovations and approaches in eliminating micro-fibre pollution and regenerating agriculture programs. In 2016, the Factory of Valvigna won the Brand&Landscape Award for its restoration and preservation of nature. However, Prada has set itself even bigger sustainability goals with a €50 million, 5-year sustainability term loan with the Crédit Agricole Group to meet three sustainability demands: number of stores assigned of a LEED Gold or Platinum Certification; amount of sustainability training hours for the employees; and the use of Prada Re-Nylon (regenerated nylon) for the production of goods. Prada Group has also started repurposing furnishing used for its shows. The materials are upcycled, finding a new life after the event through installations and pop-ups.



In 2019, Prada debuted it’s first sustainable collection of bags, called Re- Nylon, made from Econyl. They promised that in 2021 all virgin-nylon materials will be replaced with Econyl. In May 2019, Prada announced that they were going fur-free from their SS20 collection onwards. In collaboration with the Fur Free Alliance (FFA), a coalition of more than 50 animal protection organizations from more than 40 countries, the Prada Group announcement continues a positive dialogue with FFA members, LAV and The Humane Society of the United States.



Since 2000, The Prada Academy seeks to ensure the development of the ‘human value’ and to convey professional expertise. In 2019, due to the issue ‘Pradamalia’, Prada set up the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council. In May 2021, the Prada Group announced a series of initiatives to support diversity, equity and inclusion within the Group and the broader fashion industry: Generation Prada Internship, Prada Group FIT Scholarships, Prada Group UNFPA Education Module, Prada + Dorchester Industries Experimental Design Lab. The Prada Group is also joining The Valuable 500, a global community dedicated to radically transforming the business system for the benefit of people with disabilities. The aim is to hire individuals with developmental delays into its Italian retail network.



Prada has launched “Sea Beyond” in partnership with UNESCO. It is an educational program dedicated to sustainability and circular economy aimed at secondary schools around the world. It aims to educate and raise awareness among the new generation about adopting more a responsible and mindful behavior towards the ocean and its resources, and promoting an attitude of sustainable consumption. On the other hand, since 2017, the Prada Group hosts a series of cultural events entitled “Shaping a Future”, with the aim of stimulating a debate on the most significant sustainable changes taking place in contemporary society.


(*) All the data used for this ranking  has been extracted from an exhaustive study of all the corporate information shared by the brand.


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