Fashion Editorial | What Do You Expect From The Future?



What do you expect from the Future? 
A furtive radiance? Or maybe a shaded caress?

I just expect less.

Less things so that I can live my existence focused on what really matters:

The majestic simplicity of life.


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Nika is dressed in a MAZINE jacket. This brand has met the strict ecological and social requirements of the GOTS certificate, are PETA approved Vegan and are already working with suppliers and producers on the GRS and SA8000 certification. CORNELIO BORDA shoes are designed in Italy and embroidered in Peru. The brand is devoted to sustainability by recycling waste materials. Sunglasses are from CHPO. Bag is from MIOMOJO, made from corn.


SAKE's coat is constructed of bio rubber material. KERO DESIGN turtleneck. MELA WEAR pants, a brand that stands for fair and ecological apparel made in India. Their items are made in an environmentally friendly and natural way. Shoes from Berlin based brand TRIPPEN.


Blazer and pants by AVANTGARDE GREEN BY OLCAY KRAFFT, a cruelty-free brand that avoids pollution and other forms of exploitation while maintaining high quality standards, demonstrating that sustainable fashion can be uncompromisingly elegant, extravagant, and beautiful. SAKE knitted top in blue. CORNELIO BORDA shoes and stylist-owned gloves.


NÄZ dress was developed with recyclability in mind. All of their knits are created from 100% recycled fibers, including both pre and post-consumer waste. Jacket by MAZINE. Eyeglasses by CHPO. Gloves by HempAge, and knitted top by ROYAL KNIT, an ethical Peruvian brand that designs high-quality knitwear using Alpaca fibers. Shoes, stylist owned.


Top by THEODORE HERALD, made with fine Peruvian materials like Royal Alpaca and Pima Cotton. Poncho handmade entirely with Superfine alpaca by PHILOMENA. They work with artisans from Puno, Huancavelica, Huancayo and Cusco and they are continue looking for new communities of artisans to show their art trough their designs. Knitted pants by ROYAL KNIT. Shoes from TRIPPEN.


Pia wears total look by SAKE, a Peruvian company that specializes on processes based on ancestral biotechnology. The top and skirt are made entirely of baby alpaca yarn. Bag made of apples by MIOMOJO, known for its high-quality Italian workmanship, as well as innovative and high-performance vegan materials. CHPO sunglasses, 100% vegan, created from recycled materials, and PETA-approved.


Trench coat by THOUGTH FASHION, a British sustainable fashion brand creating in limited quantities to minimise waste and make each piece as sustainable as possible. MAZINE jacket. KERO DESIGN dress. Boots by TRIPPEN, a Berlin-based shoe business inspired to create avant-garde shoes out of vegetable-tanned leather and hardwoods such as alder, poplar, and beech.

Trench vest by PAQU, a peruvian brand designing functional apparel, relying on alpaca as it is one of the finest, most sustainable and adaptable fibers. Vest from MAZINE. Sweater by HEMPAGE. Knitted pants by ROYAL KNIT. Shoes from TRIPPEN.


Pants and top made with wild rubber bio material from the Amazons by SAKE. Bag from MIOMOJO, made from corn. Jacket by MAZINE and shoes from CORNELIO BORDA.


Total look by KERO DESIGN. Shoes and thighs stylist owned.


Pia is dressed with a MAZINE jacket and pants. Vest comes from HEMPAge, which not only creates bright and trendy fashion, but is also devoted to increasing the efficiency of hemp use. Shoes are from CORNELIO BORDA, designed in Italy and embroidered in Peru with alpaca. Sweater is from KERO DESIGN, made out of the love for weaving, alpacas, workmanship, and the ambition to create distinctive designs.



All the labels featured in this fashion editorial are committed to sustainable practices and have in common to make of the fashion world a more ethical industry.



Creative Director & Production BELVIS SOLER
Photography & Fashion Films JENS WITTWER