What if you rent your party outfit this time? 

It is a known fact that we buy way more clothes than we actually need. As well as that we get rid of them much faster than ever before. While seasons and trends are changing quicker than ever, it’s incredibly hard to keep up and therefore many of the clothes we buy end up in the back of our wardrobe and are worn once or not at all. 

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Because the festive season is approaching, and we have many different celebrations coming up we wanted to save you from that impulsive decision again and introduce you another way that is kinder not only to the planet but also to your bank account. Welcome to the best luxury rental platforms worldwide.


Renting Luxury

Yes. With the social phenomenon of the ‘sharing economy’ catching on, renting has become the new trend, that’s hopefully going to last. It’s environmentally friendly and a great step towards sustainability as it encourages us to buy less and ditch fast fashion. It gives us a chance to experiment with styles and finally wear that luxury dress that we were dreaming about for ages but didn’t have enough courage to buy. Be the princess one day and girlboss the next one. Or both at the same time. Because you can!

Renting is an amazing opportunity to get your hands on designer luxury pieces for only 5-20% of the retail price. You can borrow variety of things from gowns, dresses, coats to expensive jewellery and handbags. Unlimited choices, many times straight off the runway for different occasions, not just a wedding or gala. Rent that dress for the holiday, NYE celebration, office party, first date or night out. 

How does it work? Some platforms require a membership, some have a one-time purchase option. Pick your look, select a delivery date, decide how long you would like to keep the item and go for it. When you are done you can just send it back – dry cleaning is usually covered by the company. 

Not so long ago it would take a while to find a good clothing rental site, but in 2019 we are spoiled with choices. Here are some of our favourites.

© Khaled Ghareeb
© Khaled Ghareeb

Best Luxury Rental Platforms Worldwide  

Rent The Runway is the world’s first online rental service of it’s kind. It all started with two women facing the same issue most of us do: ‘closet full of clothes but nothing to wear’ now it’s a very well-known platform that encourages women to freely express themselves. Their website is very user-friendly you can find a dress for any occasion and even borrow some cute outfits for your little ones.


Armarium is a ‘Premiere destination for on-demand luxury’. This online rental for high end customers started as an invite-only mobile app based in NYC. You can find an amazing curated range of couture, accessories and whatever you need to rock that red carpet. If you need little help just hire one of their professional stylists to make your experience even more luxurious.


Gwynee Bee  A brand with an amazing mission to make everyone feel stunning and confident. No matter what shape you are. Inclusive platform with clothing for women of all sizes, petite, tall, plus-size. Gwynee Bee won’t carry a line unless it also comes in plus-sizes, trying to encourage brands to make more size-inclusive clothing. 


HURR is the Airbnb of the Fashion world and UK’s first person to person platform. You can not only rent but also loan dresses and make some extra money. HURR currently has a pop up in London until the 29. November, where you can find hundreds of designer dresses and accessories. You can arrange to meet in person to pick up your garment or have the item delivered to your doorstep.


RE-NT is a rental platform based in Berlin that focuses on sustainability and transparency with a selection of high-end modern brands and exclusive pieces on a mission to make fashion consumption simple, smart and sexy. With each brand you can find description of production processes and the impact of textile production on our environment. 


A Step in the Right Direction

Of course, nothing is perfect, there is always a space for an improvement and finding greener ways as dry cleaning and transportation is big part of the whole process but it’s definitely a big step towards more conscious consumption. 

If we look at the bigger picture,
overconsumption and discarding of clothing
has become a massive issue that we all
must take responsibility for.

Most of our old garments end up in landfills or third world countries that don’t know what to do with it all anymore. Most of the time, excessive clothing donations slow down local developments in third world textile industries and don’t even let me get started on the amount of emissions that the fashion industry generates every year. This system is harmful to the planet and the people. 

So give renting a try and let’s do it
a bit differently this year. Experiment
more with style and help change the
way we consume fashion.  


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