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On October 05, 2022, two entrepreneurs were awarded by the house of Veuve Clicquot at a glamorous evening. They impressed the jury through their innovative and creative actions. Discover here these wonderful winners!


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Since 1972, Veuve Clicquot created the Bold Award to honor the creator of the brand, Madame Clicquot, know as ‘Grande Dame of champagne’. For more than 50 years, it has been rewarding women´s entrepreneurship for encouraging generations of achievements. The Bold Award is an incentive created to support the trajectories and projects of many women entrepreneurs in all fields. Literally this award is aimed at the audacity of women.

This international award is divided into two main prizes: the Bold Woman Award and the Bold Future Award. For both, the criteria to be nominated are to demonstrate entrepreneurial daring, to successfully reinvent traditions and to maintain an ethical business approach. Find out who were the winners and why: 



ZARAH BRUHN/ CEO of socialbee

Socialbee is a non-profit company founded by Zarah in 2016. It aims to help refugees nationwide with their search for jobs. It is an organization with partner companies that rely on its interviewing and hiring system to get workers in different areas. Importantly, the Socialbee team strives to strengthen the German community through social and employment equity.
Thanks to this amazing enterprise, Zarah has received this year the award from Veuve Clicquot. Her intentions to create a space with fair opportunities, open to all people equally and with a diversity-driven approach, led her to be a role model for 2022. 



NINA MANNHEIMER /co-founder and COP of KLIM

Nina has been part of the foundation of the start up KLIM. A platform for farmers, consumers and companies to promote climate protection and food security. Through regenerative agriculture KLIM enables farmers to document their knowledge about the care and management of fertile soil, to increase environmental awareness. This is a strategy to bring economic stability to farmers while driving positive change. 

KLIM also has the ability to give carbon credits to companies or guide them through KLIM Label strategies for more sustainable supply chains. Nina won the prize of Veuve Clicquot because she made possible to grow an environmentally friendly and academic community through this application.


Next to the winners some of the finslists were: Kristina Nikolaus, founder of OKAPI. Bettine Schmitz, co-founder of Auxxo Fund Management. Maru Winnacker, entrepeneur and managing partner at Urania Ventures. And Nicole Buttner, CEO of Merantix Momentum. 

Take a look at the event!


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+  Words:
Regina Berndt
Luxiders Magazine