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Veganism is becoming increasingly popular, as more people grow aware of the environmental, animal welfare, and health costs of consuming animal products. Whether you are looking for some plant-based food inspiration, need recipes to help with your transition to a vegan diet, or want to see some different types of cuisine on your social media, we recommend you check out these pioneering vegan chefs!


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Vegan recipes can be innovative and delicious, as many vegan chefs have shown. Dishes can range from complex to quick and easy. They can also range from healthy and nutrient rich foods, to fast food and comfort food replications. There is certainly something for everyone to try, no matter your culinary skills. Here, we present some vegan chefs to watch. Whether they blog or instagram their recipes, or have cookbooks or podcasts, we suggest some great vegan chefs and creators to keep your eye on. 

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Author of several vegan cookbooks, including ‘Veganomicon’, Isa Chandra Moskowitz has gained an instagram following of 86.1k people. She posts delicious looking vegan meals, promotes vegan restaurants and services, and has authored numerous best-selling cookbooks.




Chef Eddie Garza posts mouth watering vegan meals on his instagram, and includes links to the recipes, which can be found on his website. Garza is not only a plant-based chef, but is also the Food Editor at ‘Veg News’. He currently has a following of 26.1k people.




Vegan chef Jenné Claiborne posts delicious plant-based meals on her instagram feed, and shares her recipes to these dishes with her followers. She has also authored a vegan cookbook. With 381k followers on instagram, Claiborne is certainly a vegan chef to watch. She is also a blogger and youtuber. 




Bryant Terry is an award-winning vegan chef. Terry has built up a following of 92.1k people on instagram, and shares his ventures and images of his work with them. Already an author of several vegan cookbooks, an activist, and a publisher, we are excited to see what is next for Terry.





Abby Sophy is a vegan food blogger who posts about plant-based restaurants, recipes, and creators to her 66.2k followers on instagram. Sophy’s recipes are hearty and delicious. We particularly love recreating her Vegan Carbonara! 




If you have a sweet tooth, you should keep your eye on Erin McKenna. McKenna has earned 58.6k followers on instagram, posting about her New York bakery. Not only are her bakes vegan, but they are gluten-free too! If you are looking to get inspired or order some of her creations, then check out her page. 




Author of ‘The Lusty Vegan’ cookbook, Ayindè Howell is a plant-based creator and food activist. Currently posting recipes and inspiration to his 13.7k followers, we are excited to see what else is in store for Howell.




Charity Morgan is the author of the ‘Unbelievably Vegan’ cookbook and a plant-based chef. She posts tips and recipes to her 150k instagram followers. Not only does Morgan aid in her followers' transition to a vegan diet, but she also shows how delicious plant-based food can be! Her work was featured in ‘The Game Changers’ documentary.




Plant-based food creator Doug McNish has a current following of 37.7k followers on instagram. McNish has authored cookbooks presenting veganised favorites, and is the co-founder of Neon Tiger, to name just a couple of his projects. We are excited to see what the future holds for him.




Founder of Sol Sips vegan restaurant, Francesca Chaney is an award-winning plant-based chef. With a current following of 27.5k people on instagram, we are excited to see where this restaurant heads. Chaney offers virtual cooking classes, where you can learn to cook signature recipes from Sol Sips. 




Watson, also known as Thee Burger Dude, has gained 90.9K instagram followers by posting about his vegan fast food and comfort food creations. This includes burgers, grilled cheeses, BLTs, burritos, and even desserts like pumpkin cheesecake! Watson shows how plant-based options can be just as, if not more delicious than the food they replicate.




Adina Akhmetova, the ‘Vegan Girlboss’, posts healthy and tasty plant-based recipes and tips to her 18.6k instagram followers. Adina’s aesthetically pleasing page consists of images of nutrient rich, colourful, and nourishing food. She inspires followers to get healthy and creative with their food, and we are excited to see what her next ventures are.



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