Activists To Follow In 2024



Internet can be a great place to learn, but there’s so much out there – it’s easy to stumble across fake news or unreliable information. If you’re looking to educate yourself and others on important causes this year, you should ensure you’re following credible people who are sharing valuable and trustworthy information.


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We’ve compiled a list of activists and campaigners you should follow in 2024 to keep up to date with climate and world news, so you can use your voice for good. 

Alice Aedy, Jack Harries and Finn Harries - Earthrise Studio. Alice Aedy, Jack Harries and Finn Harries founded Earthrise studio, a platform using storytelling to educate people on the climate crisis, sharing information with a careful balance between ‘urgency and optimism’

All three of them have worked tirelessly to educate people about climate change and urge people to make positive choices for the planet. Follow Earthrise Studio and these three for easily digestible climate intel.


Mikaela Loach is always sharing online actions for anyone to get involved with, asking people to use their voice for good. Follow her to stay updated on climate news and find out how you can make a positive difference online, either by commenting on posts, sharing information or signing petitions. If you’re UK based, she’s also a great person to follow to keep up to date with climate protests happening in and around London.

Not to mention her recent book release It’s Not That Radical is an incredibly insightful read into the reality of the climate crisis, with advice on how to be proactive in your community and make a difference.

Tori Tsui is a writer, activist and campaigner who dedicates her work to calling for intersectionality and inclusivity in climate policy to ensure we achieve transformative climate justice. You can trust any information she shares is well researched from reliable sources, to help you make informed decisions that put people and the planet first. 

Sustainable fashion journalist and writer Sophie Benson is always holding unethical brands to account and advocating for garment workers rights, providing educational content to enable those who come across her work to consume consciously. Benson sees through greenwashing and empty promises, helping all of us see the truth behind fast fashion brands' sustainability claims.

Camille Etienne dedicated her platform to sharing her climate activism journey with others to inspire us all to challenge the status quo and demand a better and fairer world. She has been on national television in France standing up for her beliefs.

Leanne Mohamad is a Palestinian woman living in London. She’s a human rights activist sharing ways to help people use their voice and stand with Palestine as this devastating conflict continues. 

Indya Moore has dedicated her platform to amplifying important voices, advocating for justice for all. She calls her followers to action when it comes to hearing those who need to be heard and supporting anti establishment politics.


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Florenne Earle Ledger
Luxiders Magazine