Apps To Measure Your Carbon Footprint



Environmental Research Letters published a study in 2017 noting the most significant ways to reduce your individual carbon footprint. These included switching to a plant-based diet, only using public transport, and not traveling by air. It is nearly impossible to accurately calculate your carbon footprint, but there are plenty of apps to help measure it in real time. 



Eco Buddy – Live Sustainably

Reducing your carbon footprint is something we should all take into account, especially when the richest countries have the biggest effect on the environment, and the poorest suffer the most. This app helps keep track of your diet, travel, and habits, collating all this information into daily personal reports. You can also compare your statistics to see whether there are areas in which you could improve, and your overall performance. What’s even better is that the app works offline and anywhere!


Capture - Carbon footprint & CO2 tracker

Capture helps you learn more about your personal carbon footprint, aiming to help each user become carbon neutral. Using GPS, the app predicts CO2 emissions, offering insights into how you can offset carbon. You can set climate commitments and view your monthly average carbon emissions, making it easier for you to reduce your footprint each month.


North – Your Climate Journey

This app automatically tracks your footprint, calculating your emissions using your diet, travel, purchases, and energy use. North allows you to connect to other apps you use so you can receive instant feedback on your daily habits. The stats and graphs can be viewed in months, quarters, and years so you can clearly see how your journey is going. As well as all of this, the app is an open source so you can improve the app by asking the community or building your own integrations. 


Almond – Become Carbon Balanced

Almond doesn’t just help you understand your carbon footprint, but it actively guides you to becoming carbon neutral. Its brand directory holds the leading brands that are fighting to reduce carbon emissions, and by purchasing through the directory, you gain offset coins. Connecting your bank card to Almond means you can get offset coins which plant and protect trees, therefore offsetting your carbon footprint. One Offset coin means one tree is planted, and five are protected – ‘turn your responsible spending into trees!’


CoGo – Connecting Good

‘Ethical living made easy.’ CoGo, like Almond, connects your bank in order to calculate your carbon footprint in real time. CoGo has accredited businesses to make the switch to a more sustainable life easier. The app also creates personal reminders and offers encouragement on your journey to a carbon neutral life. To further offset emissions, there are carbon reduction programs that you can join and contribute to.


+ Words:  Shaelei Parmar

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