Authentic Beauty Concept Aligns with Peggy Gou | A Trip to Your True Self



The high-quality brand Authentic Beauty Concept merges with the global icon Peggy Gou to radiate its stance on sustainability and authenticity. The collaboration serves as an open invitation for a trip to an expression of the true self.

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In an age where beauty and self-care products get suspicious to use due to their materials and production ethics, Authentic Beauty Concept presents a reliable range of quality. Not based on commercial goals but based on the shared values of hairdressers and artists, the movement of the Authentic Beauty Concept focuses on being yourself and of course, being authentic. The brand is unique in its preference for the ingredients of products: Completely vegan and free of sulfate surfactants, parabens, silicones, mineral oils, and artificial colors. Authentic Beauty Concept interprets the industry of self-care and beauty by a fair and progressive motivation. As a supporter of the Sustainable Guar Initiative (SGI) that benefits guar bean farmers of India, the #authenticbeautymovement shapes their persona with the truth on everything: True support, true beauty, and true self.

The approach is both stylish and pure – the “no styling” motivated products of the brand are aimed to highlight natural textures when protecting the clients’ beauty. Avoiding becoming someone you are not; Authentic Beauty Concept roots its motivation in mindfulness and takes unique experiences to the core. It is easy to create a high-quality salon environment with the high-standard, cruelty-free, pure and self-embodying products of the brand. There is no need to be like perfectly retouched beauty images and fit into unrealistic norms of beauty anymore – Authentic Beauty Concept is here to express your beauty, your spirit, and your unique aura.



South Korean world-renowned DJ Peggy Gou makes her appearance as the new face of the Authentic Beauty Concept. Since she creates experiences for people to express themselves through her music, Peggy Gou’s approach to being her true self correlates with the brand’s motto. She travels from Coachella to major festivals in the rest of the world, vivifies the dance floors, and owns her label Gudu Records. Furthermore, she is in deep touch with fashion: After she studied at the London College of Fashion, she now owns her streetwear brand called Kirin: A fashion line that contains color-blocking, fancy prints, and lively designs.

One of the things that highlight this collaboration is that Peggy Gou extends the project’s sphere outside the salon, but also to festivals, fashion weeks, and art collaborations. Being that multidimensional, Peggy Gou serves as a model for Authentic Beauty Concept’s celebration of the true self. With the upcoming exclusive promotions throughout the year, the Authentic Beauty Concept x Peggy Gou collaboration welcomes genuine, exciting, and avant-garde looks designed by two important names: Netherlands-based Global Creative Advocate Hester Wernert-Rijn and Berlin-based Advocate Said Rubaii. Rubaii created Peggy’s curly mane while Hester Wernert-Rijn styled her sleek look in the campaign. Their distinctive touch on the collaboration added another layer of authenticity to the project.

The photoshoot was organized in four distinct lifestyle themes, proving that Authentic Beauty Concept gets inspired by experiences: Tranquility, Clarity, Balance, and Community. Shot by photographer Felicity Ingram, with the creative team of cinematographer Hugo Carlier and director Felix Aaron; the themes were assigned to radiate the true self. 

TRANQUILITY shapes around a modern, calming house by a lake.
CLARITY channels the minimal way to happiness over a cup of coffee.
BALANCE intersects Peggy’s clear head between shows and interest in tennis as an outlet for excess energy.
COMMUNITY celebrates Peggy’s love of art.




Peggy is inspired by creativity, sustainability, and an environmentally conscious approach: She had collaborated with companies like Space Available – which is an ecological design studio and a creative platform based in Bali – on a chair made from 100% recycled plastic. Her stance complements the vision of Authentic Beauty Concept: The brand never misses the rhythm to integrate contemporary sustainable concepts. In this sense, both Peggy and Authentic Beauty Concept adopts a selectivity in their partnerships. This results in clearly aligned values.


“What the brand stands for aligns with what I stand for. I feel like we have the same motto – to be authentic & sustainable – and I like the fact that all the ingredients are vegan and natural.” – Peggy Gou.


The South Korean DJ states that her transition in life in terms of sustainability is based on doing ‘one less harmful thing’. She believes even small changes in our behavior will create a collective and powerful impact. Overlapping with the #authenticbeautymovement, Peggy Gou celebrates accepting any version of herself – and this comes from knowing who you are. 


“I always choose beauty products based on what ingredients they contain. Of course, I prefer natural products. Nowadays it’s all about vegan products, which I also love.” – Peggy Gou.



Peggy states that she uses her hair to express her mood – and her routine involves using an Authentic Beauty Concept hair mask twice a week. For the ones who want to express themselves just like her, the brand presents a wide range of niche products: Sulfate, paraben, and silicone-free Replenish Cleanser helps your hair to shine with its soy protein. Containing maple and pecan extracts, the Replenish Conditioner helps to restore hair shine. The Glow Essence features Crambe Abyssinica seed oil and dicaprylyl carbonate when offering a redux for your hair – and of course for your mood. All designed with perfect care and a responsible approach, Authentic Beauty Concept will help you nourish your hair the best – and of course, help you express your true self.


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Tolga Rahmalaroglu
Luxiders Magazine