These Are The Best Documentaries About Sustainability And Wildlife In Netflix Nowadays



Netflix is a streaming plataform that can be a source of information available to many. Discover here the best documentaries of 2022 on sustainability and wildlife that will help you get in touch with new ideas and values. 


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Cinema allows viewers to deepen their understanding of different topics, cultures, events and visions. Moreover, this is an entertaining activity that helps to learn while relaxing at the same time. More and more people want to get involved with issues about the environment, ecology, sustainability and even wildlife. So for all those people interested, here is a list of the best movies and documentaries that can be found on Netflix:



Famed actor Zac Efron along with renowned author Darion Olien star in a 16-episode documentary, which premiered on November 11, 2022. This is the second season of the original documentary that began in 2020. It is about the artist touring different countries around the world such as Peru, Costa Rica, England, France Iceland, etc. With the goal of experiencing travel with a natural approach and discovering topics such as green energy and sustainable practices for living.



From Vancouver Island to home, this is a nature documentary narrated by Will Arnett. It is dedicated to describing the stories of species such as sea lions and bald eagles foraging for food in the Pacific Ocean. This series premiered on October 11, 2022 by the platform and has received great reviews so far. This is a 3-episode show that is about Cedar a sea lion who was left by her pack and faces different situations in the wild to get food and face other species, including her own.



"Every living creature starts life as a baby" says the acclaimed Helena Bonham Carter, narrator of this docuseries. With 8 episodes it is possible to learn about the challenges that baby animals face in the wild. In different locations and with different species one can learn about the struggles of the animals to the point of empathizing with them. From independence from their mother to guarding against predators, these babies explore different issues during their first weeks and months that viewers can delve into.



This British film was released on March 3, 2022, directed by Renée Godfrey. During the dry season of the Kalahari Desert in Botswana, the audience can learn the internal dynamics of different herds that have to face that time. This is an opportunity to gain insight into animal family bonds that can often mirror human behavior.



Former U.S. President Barack Obama brings to the screen a series about some national parks around the world. How Chilean Patagonia, Tsavo Conservation Area, Gunung Leuser Indonesia, Australia 's Great Barrier Reef, etc.Where one can get to know deeply the functioning of the parks as well as their wildlife. It even won the award for best cinematography at the Critic's Choice Documentary Awards.


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