Exhibitions Connected To Sustainability & Climate Change This Summer & Fall



Climate change, global warming, pollution… These are what we talk about everyday, and it is an unavoidable future that we must solve. But do we know well about them? It’s time to educate ourselves. Get to know the best exhibitions connected to sustainability and climate change you can visit this Summer and Fall.


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Sustainable lifestyle doesn’t only come from your habits, but also from your knowledge. Education has a power to change society more towards better sustainability. Numerous exhibitions connected to sustainability are all around the world to teach us about climate change, global warming, and eco-friendly innovations in industries, sending us the message “sustainability is not a choice, it is a ‘must’”. In this article, we introduce 6 exhibitions that you shouldn’t miss this Summer / Fall.

New York City, United States

The Climate Museum is the first museum in the U.S. that is solely focused on the climate crisis. In order to solve the issues with climate change, it is necessary to change the whole public culture and society. Interdisciplinary exhibitions, art installations, interactive panels, performances, science events, and youth programs at The Climate Museum brings people together to educate them and helps them to fight for the bright future. The Climate Museum will take place in New York City throughout 2023.


Darlinghurst, Australia

As a part of the Australian Museum, the Climate Change Exhibition explores how human activities are causing climate change, how it will affect the earth and us, and what we can do as individuals, and also at a higher level such as society and government. There is also a particular focus on how climate change caused by agriculture and industrial activities in coastal cities  impacts Australia’s beautiful and unique wildlife and ecosystems.


Berlin, Germany

After Nature explores how climate changes and global warming affect our life. The exhibition deals with the relationship between climate change and the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem, and challenges to politics and democratic principles. Climate change has been bringing huge changes in politics over decades, and it will. Climate change is not only a threat to the very basis of our livelihoods, but also a cause of collapse of the political and social structures of societies. After Nature will take place until 2025.


London, England

The Sustainability Show London is planning a event for sustainability with experts, ethical brands and companies, where you can learn how to continue our sustainable lifestyle and great tips with different workshops, talks, and exciting activities. You can also go shopping and purchase the most sustainable and innovative products and secondhand items at the show. The Sustainability Show London will take place on October 21-22, 2023.


Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Fashion for Good is a fashion focused museum to explore the movement of the fashion industry towards an ethical fashion future. It deals with sustainable innovation to find solutions for people and the planet. In the museum, you will learn how your clothes are made, where it’s from, and how sustainable they are, and history of different fabrics and how it will change for the better fashion future, including the most well-known fabric, cotton.


Montréal, Canada

Biosphère is a museum entirely dedicated to the links between society and the environment. Their mission is to educate people to be aware of how severe climate change is, and how they can fight them for a better future. This is the best place to learn about major environmental issues that cause climate change through various exhibitions and activities. Their unique architecture is a plus for people who are interested in it!



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