Four Films About Positive Social Impact To Watch This Christmas



Christmas is a precious period of time to relax with family and friends. Watching films is a pleasure you shouldn't give up. The editors of Luxiders Magazine select for you the most interesting films in the current Netflix line-up with an educational impact.


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This peruvian romantic movie that tells the story of ta bussinessman that owns an important hotel corporation and travels to Cusco, Peru to start a seven star international project of his company. When he meets Ariana, a backpacker, his values start to change and sees the beauty of the natural landscapes. This a movie that shows the common struggle of many companies and workers that seek monetary achievements and succes over the protection of the environment.

It also focuses on the native heritage of many places that can be lost when new national or international companies arrive. The movie makes an excelent job at reflecting the dilemma of many cutural wonders that are exploited cause they become famous tourist destinations. 




As one of the most surprising movies on Netflix, this is a film set in the Athena buildings in France that deals with issues of social injustice and police violence. The story unfolds in the brutal murder of Idir, the youngest sibling of 4, who dedicate themselves to avenge his death against the racist system of the neighborhood. The French film raises the hatred that society can have against the extreme right-ideology police.



A 23 year old politically minded graffiti artist is dedicated to breaking into the homes of wealthy and elite people leaving the message "I came by". As a form of protest against their corrupt actions and social hypocrisy. Until the protagonist is involved in a complicated situation when he enters the basement of the ex-judge Hector Blake and discovers many of his secrets. This is a film that initially demonstrates the power of art as a tool for freedom of expression and protest, while also dealing with the common behaviors of the upper classes. 



This is a sequel based on The Adventures of Enola Holmes books series, written by Nancy Springer. It goes back to the year of 1888, where Holmes is dedicated to the search for Sarah Chapman, the woman who drove the first strike of matchmakers of the Bryant & May company in London. This is a film that speaks profoundly about the social struggle of women in the face of inequality and violation of their rights. It also shows the history of pioneers in gender equality and labor justice through a story full of adventure, mystery, comedy and romance.


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