Best Films about Sustainability


Changing your lifestyle to a more ethical and environmentally-friendly one is a journey that starts with informing yourself about the problem. When it comes to the environment, there are so many issues that we don’t even know about. And even when we integrated more sustainable practices into our lifestyle, there are always times where convenience gets in the way and we forget a little about our sustainability goals.


This cold time of the year is the perfect occasion to snuggle up with a blanket and remind ourselves of the great environmental problems this earth is facing by watching documentaries about sustainability. These 10 documentaries can give you that motivational boost to go and change the world with your actions!



The True Cost

Fashion has a dark side to it. Fast fashion exploits garment workers and is unsustainable by polluting our earth. "The True Cost" is THE documentary if you want to catch up about the fast fashion industry and want to take a glimpse into the world of fair and sustainable fashion.


Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret

Veganuary is long over, but this documentary will give you the motivation you need to start another vegetarian or vegan challenge this month! "Cowspiracy" shows the environmental polluting side of the animal agriculture industry. Whether it is the ocean or our rainforests, the contemporary increase in animal product consumption puts a vast environmental strain on a broad range of aspects of our planet.


Planet Earth II

The second season of the best series (IMBD) ever made hit the screens a few months ago and is even better than the first season. Planet Earth II shows our globe and its flora and fauna from its best side thanks to new technology and links it to climate change and how humans play a crucial role in it. The series successfully conveys the message that our complex ecosystem, including wonderful creatures and our own species, needs help to not fall apart.


Before the Flood

Everyone seems to know about the words "climate change" nowadays, but a lot of people don't know the real impacts climate change has on the earth. Leonardo DiCaprio himself takes us on a journey to learn about a variety of issues caused by anthropogenic climate change: Melting glaciers, flooding, smog, sinking islands, deforestation, disappearing coral reefs and more.



A Plastic Ocean

Reducing my plastic consumption has been my new year's resolution for years now. Plastic is everywhere we go and to avoid it is difficult, but this documentary shows the shocking effects human's plastic consumption has on our oceans. "A Plastic Ocean" is a reminder to ditch plastic and listen to those zero waste gurus such as Lauren Singer.


More Than Honey

"One-third of what we eat wouldn't exist without bees" – pollinators like bees are disappearing on a global level which has a huge environmental impact on our ecosystems. Even Einstein said that if bees ever die out mankind will die out four years later. The reason for the death of bees is not entirely clear but "More Than Honey" shows some possible explanations.



RiverBlue travels around the world to uncover the dirty secret behind how our clothes are made. This award-winning feature reveals stunning and shocking images that truly change the way we look at what we wear. Through harsh chemical manufacturing processes and the irresponsible disposal of toxic chemical waste, one of our favorite iconic products, blue jeans, is destroying rivers globally.


The age of mankind

This documentary gives an insight into what Environmental scientists are all talking about: our new geological epoch, the Anthropocene. Humans have changed the planet earth so much that we changed our climate and other earth systems. "The age of mankind" shows how humans have such an impact on the planet and show sustainable solutions for a brighter future. It is an underrated documentary for those who want a glimpse into the world of science.


Surviving Progress

The documentary from 2011 focuses on the global contemporary economic progress and the damage that it has caused. It blames overconsumption and exploitation of natural resources for the environmental degradation and shows that a "business as usual" approach will risk the future of humankind and our environment. This is an excellent documentary for those who are interested in both economic theories and sustainability.


No impact man

Forget your reality shows (at least for a day) and watch the "No Impact Man" and his family try out a sustainable lifestyle by ditching plastic, meat, cars and more for a year. This documentary is about a real-life experience of trying to have zero negative impact on the environment. It is a funny and heart-warming film and a positive motivation to adjust your lifestyle to a more sustainable one.


+ Words: Livia Van Heerde

Livia Van Heerde is a fair fashion and green lifestyle blogger and Instagram influencer from Austria living in London where she studies Environmental Science. She is our contributor on sustainable and ethical fashion and shares her insights in the slow fashion world on a regular basis with us.


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