CHANEL | Spring Summer 2022 Haute Couture

CHANEL Spring Summer 2022 Haute Couture

Virginie Viard, artistic director of Chanel, unveiled her Spring Summer 2022 Haute Couture show in the heart of the Grand Palais Éphémère in Paris. To open the Chanel fashion runway was the Monaco Princess Charlotte Casiraghi majestically riding on horseback. Equally as eye-catching was Princess Charlotte’s black tweed and sequinned jacket which, naturally, caused no obstruction even while horse-riding.

To set the scene Viard was helped by the artist Xavier Veilhan. She was deeply impressed by his installation for Chanel jewelry 15 years ago and she needed someone who was capable enough to bring to life Constructivism Karl’s spirit. In a revolutionary way, Xavier used for the set giant spinning discs and sandy walkways, crafted from sustainable plywood and matting in his preferred (and appropriately Chanel) palette of black, white, and beige.
“I think that in fashion there is always this idea of a relationship with history but also of always renewing constantly. As an artist I felt I could provide another relation to time.” He later added. Veilhan created this relation to Chanel device of period by taking inspiration from the1920s Wold Fairs and artists like Sonia and Robert Delaunay, as well as the makeup.

In the same way, Virginie interpreted the classic Chanel tweed, by pairing a skirt that doesn’t quite wrap around and reveals a lace or jagged feather dress underneath. That ’20s and ’30s Gatsby mood was made manifest in filmy chiffon and organza dresses with uneven hems (high in the front, low in the back), and trailing scarf panels that drifted from the shoulder.

Full of contrasts, the 45 looks combined the lightness of signature airy dresses with a few special details like colored buttons or straps enhanced with pearls and chains. And because Chanel strives to highlight the work of its ateliers, all of the house’s partner embroiderers took part in this collection.