Earth Day 2020: Celebrating the Beauty



Today, for the 50th year in a row, we celebrate Earth Day; a global phenomenon in which we turn our attention to this precious planet, thus eliciting an introspection and action within our own selves. What do we owe to our existence, but the gratitude for the provisions and guidance of the natural world? Now, evermore, we are stunned in our place by the sheer force of the biological mechanisms that govern us all. During this global pandemic we are raising even more questions regarding our part in creating a sustainable planet for many generations to come.


Earth Day represents the emergence of a collective consciousness surrounding the state of our planet. It began in 1970, during a revolution known as the “hippy movement”; think Woodstock Festival, tie dye hued protests and Janis Joplin’ mesmerizing voice; our elders started to realize that our systems were not sustainable nor suitable for the planet or its people, animals and plants. We can learn the lesson of taking action through their vision 50 years ago; we as a collective have a voice, and we can be heard and change the way all live; hopefully in harmony with the planet. Since the first Earth Day, 1 billion people have been recorded to take action on this day, and we firmly believe it is up to all of us to continue spreading this pertinent message.

Earth Day is the celebration of our beautiful home; and it reminds us to question the world we live in. In the context of fashion, design and lifestyles – these are being understood on an even deeper level as we face global lockdowns, and the consequences of the systemic assault on the natural world through resource depletion, socio-economic subjugation and the formation of excessive consumption. Earth Day seeks to be the yearly reminder of how important these issues are to our planetary health; and our collective and individual wellbeing. Without Earth, nothing of what we call life and reality would exist.


It is easy to forget the incredible celestial orb that we all inhabit; often we take for granted this grand home of varying species of animals and plants; with all its the cracks in mountains, the ocean crashing on the shorelines, and all the abundant terrains of Mother Earth’s artistry.




Sustainability has come under the spotlight during the COVID19 pandemic; though I would be wary to suggest that through this terrifying ordeal there is a purpose, but it is perhaps the first time Earth has been able to “breath” since before the industrial revolution. In a recent Vogue article, it was detailed that nitrogen dioxide pollution was down by 30%; and in Wuhan, birds were noticed by a citizen who was sure birds never flew through the area. New York has seen a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions, the canals in Venice have welcomed swans and dolphins, and the stars are visible in Delhi due to a mitigation of light pollution. As economies are on a collective pause through the suspension of production and manufacturing, reports from all over the world show clean air and water as result of lessened human activity. Stepping back in the modern world has certainly shown its benefits for nature; yet remaining in lockdown comfortably and safely is still a great privilege for many of us. Our collective endeavour has to extend to the natural world, but it is crucial we simultaneously create a better world for all people too.

There are a few great Earth Day celebrations taking place - these are great actions that can be taken and shared on social media platforms, to help spread the message of environmental activism.

  • Earth Clean Up – while picking up litter in your neighbourhood may not be possible for everyone due to lockdown restrictions, perhaps take this time to plan a recycling system for your home – and schedule a clean-up celebration for a later, more relaxed date. Gather your community and start a small clean up revolution.

“To practice safe and responsible clean-ups, Earth Day Network has adopted the original solo clean-up: plogging. Plogging — a combination of Swedish words plocka (to pick up) and jogga (to jog) — has come to represent any physical activity where not only do you exercise for personal health, you also collect litter in the process. Pick up litter on your daily jog or rollerblade around the neighborhood — the important thing is to have fun while doing it!” –


  • Share your Air – EC2020 is a revolutionary app where you can record the air quality of your area; this information is stored in a database for scientists, who can conduct revolutionary research in mitigating the effects of poor air quality.   
  • Create – Whichever you medium prefer such as painting, drawing, sewing, ceramics, writing and so on – all wonderful tools to share the message of Earth Day. Be inspired by the natural world and share your creations online. Spreading awareness is crucial to helping us get deeper in touch with the nature, and the wonderful communities of sustainably minded people.
  • Share your #hopeforearth online and spread your personal message for which terrains and ecosystems you would like to see protected and preserved; whether it’s the barrier reefs, rainforests or your local forest!
  • Sit quietly for a few moments and consider your personal values for the earth; what do you envision for a better world? How can your personal choices change or improve to take care of the Earth? Perhaps it’s a different way of buying groceries, or using a reusable coffee cup – or perhaps its advocacy work and questioning your local climate representative. There is so much we can do; one step at a time.

We are continuing to seed our vision of a stylish revolution aligned with the ethical principles of inclusive sustainability. We encourage you to spend the day thinking of our planet, the people and the story of humankind. At Luxiders; we ask our community to leave a mark for the future inhabits on Earth with both integrity and honour, and that we never forget to compromise our values for the pursuit of materialism. Let us know how you chose to celebrate the planet via social media; we would love to hear from you!


+ Words: Holly Beaton

Holly Bell Beaton is a writer and stylist with a passion for the intersection between biology, technology and design. Raised in Cape Town and of Swedish heritage, her travels across the world have encouraged and informed a global perspective regarding the future of fashion and its relationship to planetary health. She is currently working for a sustainable fashion label in Cape Town, South Africa. 

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