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Eco Erotica: The Shift Towards Sustainable Sex Toys


Did you know that your sex life can be sustainable? As environmental awareness grows, even the realm of intimacy is offering green alternatives. Sustainable sex toys are the perfect choice for those looking to align personal pleasure with environmental values. But what is wrong with regular sex toys, and what are companies doing to make your intimate moments eco-friendly?

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Most sex toys are made from plastics, silicone or rubber. These materials are chosen for their flexibility and body safety, but they come at a cost to the planet. They often contain harmful chemicals which damage the environment. Most plastics and synthetic rubbers are not biodegradable and end up in landfills, breaking down into toxic microplastics. Even materials labeled as recyclable usually aren’t due to poor recycling infrastructure. Additionally, many sex toys are battery-powered. Although batteries are mostly recyclable, few are disposed of correctly and often end up in landfills. To explore the environmental impact of similar materials associated with sexuality, read our article An Exploration of Latex. Sustainability, Sex, and Controversy.


Making more eco-friendly choices in your intimate life is easier than you might think. Start by opting for sex toys made from sustainable materials, such as medical-grade silicone, glass, or stainless steel, which are safer for both your body and the planet. Also, remember that rechargeable toys are better than battery-powered ones. Finally, choose brands that use minimal and recyclable materials- it’s good to look at their packaging. By making these conscious choices you can enjoy your pleasure while supporting a healthier planet.


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We’ve discovered some sustainable trailblazers committed to eco-friendly erotica. This list will guide you to companies founded to help our planet.



Liebelei sets a high standard for the sustainable sex toy industry with their unique crystal yoni eggs and dildos. Natural gemstones are free from plastics, solvents and silicones. You can choose from Rose Quartz, Rock Crystal, Amethyst, Obsidian, Jade and Sapphire Quartz. Each crystal has individual healing abilities, all explained on Liebelei’s website. They also offer courses on sex, love, and consciousness and have a blog to help you fully understand your journey towards a more mindful and eco-friendly intimate life. 



Love Not War stands out for their holistic approach to sustainability. Their toys are made from recycled and recyclable materials, using medical-grade silicon, and they have a universal charging head to reduce waste. Love Not War is special because their custom-built factory uses green energy, aiming to hit net-zero emissions. The company also collaborates with organisations like One Tree Planted, which shows their environmental commitment.

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Sex Toys The Natural Love Company
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The motto “F**k yourself. Not the planet” proves The Natural Love Company’s eco-friendly agenda. Founded in Cornwall, England, this company creates sex toys from recycled ocean plastic. Their products are also animal-friendly, and they plant a tree for every purchase. The Natural Love Company’s commitment extends to minimising their carbon offset and offering plastic-free delivery, ensuring every aspect of their work is environmentally conscious. 



Teatiamo combines sensuality with sustainable luxury. Their unique wooden products are made from natural materials like birch and oak. Designed to be both high-end intimate lifestyle products and sophisticated home decor pieces, Teatiamo seeks to highlight the beauty of sex as a natural and aesthetic part of life. Their aesthetic is perfected by their location in Finnish Lapland, largely known for its wild forests, where their products are crafted under the Northern Lights.  


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