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Luxiders Magazine teamed up to explore the notions of uncertainty, social distancing and nature. In an effort to evoke current sentiments related to isolation and lack of human touch we found peace in supporting rising, sustainable brands whose work reframe our relation to nature. We are realising that we are not alone. We are part of nature. And nature is everywhere.



This project has been supported by NEONYT


Hubert wears a hand-woven orange tulle top by DANNY REINKE, working with only local fabrics. The production is made to measure avoiding leftover stock. Blouse and socks are by PAT GUZIK (Quadrat Shop), who sources the textiles from second hand garments, stock textiles and production leftovers, and focuses on producing locally in Poland. Shorts by PEP TRAPIELLO, with collections made from dead fabrics that are out of the market or overstocked. Shoes by  by the Berlin-based brand TRIPPEN


Ana wears a blouse made from dead-stock, produced in limited numbers by PEP TRAPIELLO. The trousers are made of 100% virgin wool from Italy by DANNY REINKE. The Hazusa Pumps are made from chrome-free tanned salmon leather – which is an upcycled waste product from food processing by ALINASCHUERFELD


Erik wears blouse by ACEPHALA (Quadrat Shop), that works with natural and recycled fabrics; reuses leftovers from previous collections and sticks to producing locally in Warsaw. Trousers, made of biodegradable materials, are from WORKING TITLE. The Berlin-based brand involves neither plastics nor mineral oil-based fabrics in their production, and uses certified cotton and silk from Italy. Shoes are made of natural materials by NAT2. The brand invests in innovative research to develop long-lasting natural materials such as wood, coffee grounds, natural rubber, corn – among others. The Kaia Necklace is made of 925 sterling silver by JUKSEREI, a Berlin-based studio that focuses in craftsmanship, natural materials and transparent production. 


Atusa wears an orange sweater vest and white corset by DANNY REINKE. Trousers are PEP TRAPIELLO, made of dead-stock. The KUBORAUM Artichoke sunglasses are designed in Berlin and manufactured with high tech in Italy. KUBORAUM is part of the Plant-For-The-Planet initiative that seeks to neutralise carbon emissions by planting trees. Revise shoes are unisex slippers by the Berlin-based brand TRIPPEN. It uses rubber soles, vegetable-tanned leather and timbers. The minimalist and timeless handbag is 100% made in Spain of vegan, high quality materials by CANUSSA. Earrings are WILD FAWN, a London-based brand using fair-trade gold and silver. 


Clockwise from left. Atusa,  Ana, Erik – as previous. Hubert wears a WORKING TITLE blouse and JAN N' JUNE trousers.


Erik wears a JAN ’N JUNE jacket. JAN N’ JUNE produces in a family-owned factory in Poland; it uses certified fabrics and partners up with social projects dedicated to reusing offcuts for accessories. Blouse and belt by PAT GUZIK (Quadrat Shop). The blouse uses materials efficiently eliminating textile waste. Trousers, made of biodegradable materials, by WORKING TITLE.


Ana, left, wears a blouse made of biodegradable materials by WORKING TITLE. Yellow jacket and trousers are SUITE13, pioneers of sustainable fashion in Mallorca. Handmade Alba Hoops earrings are JUKSEREI.

Right, Atusa, as following image.


Atusa wears a 100% nylon tulle body manufactured in Berlin by DANNY REINKE. Trousers are from FADE OUT LABEL, made of recycled jeans with 100% organic cotton embroidery. FADE OUT LABEL is a vegan, unisex brand handmade by its director Andrea in Berlin. Hada Pumps are ALINASCHUERFELD, made of organic materials.

Clockwise from left – Erik wears a 100% cotton deconstructed denim jacket by PEOPLE. Dress by FADE OUT LABEL is made of 100% organic cotton. Hubert wears wide leg trousers by PEOPLE. People works with adolescents struggling with drug addiction, mental illness and homelessness. All pieces are handmade in Berlin. Sweater, made in small batches, is WORKING TITLE. Ana and Atusa as previous.

Hubert wears a Jeweled Maxi Blue Kimono with a fairly-traded gold plated silver chain-bracelet by AVASAN. The blue blouse is PAT GUZIK, made efficiently to avoid waste. Shorts are SYNTHETIC (Quadrat Shop). SYNTHETIC uses 100% natural materials certified by OEKO-TEX; made locally in Poland. Rebel shoes are TRIPPEN


Atusa wears the Water Flamingo kimono, made of clear blue dupion Peace silk hand painted with oil paint by ARACELI GARCIA and designed by AVASAN.. The Black Kaze Pants, also from AVASAN, are made of organic cotton. The top is made of econyl – a regenerated nylon yarn from abandoned fishing nets and other nylon waste by MY MARINI. MY MARINI is an ethical swim and surfer brand with Öko-Tex and GRS certifications. Earrings are made of fair-traded silver by WILD FAWN.


All the labels featured in this Fashion Editorial have a commitment to sustainability and a common desire: ethics and aesthetics to co-exist within the modern fashion world.


Creative Direction & Production LUXIDERS
Photography JENS WITTWER