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Any Gender

B e.     J u s t.     W h a t.    You.    W a n t !

Why do Y O U have to identify yourself with archaic words?

Y O U just came to love without fear.

YO U  just want to live in     f R E E D o M.





All Labels featured in this Fashion Editorial have a commitment to sustainability and a common desire: ethics and aesthetics to co-exist within the modern fashion world.



PiPPiCA was created out of a need for ground-breaking, bio-circular fashion, made to serve a new generation of customers. More than just being “sustainable”, the set out to launch a brand that benefits the planet, is gender-neutral, shape inclusive, and looks great too! 

PiPPiCA is pioneer in bio-circular fashion, meaning that everything they create can be returned to the earth. They only use compostable materials, manufacture in the UK and Europe using their own sustainable yarns, and replenish their stock every 8-12 weeks to avoid waste. 

Their designs represent the true diversity of the planet. They design for individuals of different shapes, sizes, identities, and beliefs. As a gender-inclusive brand, they celebrate what is unique about the community and their style — not what society expects. 



With their unique soles, unconventional pattern technique and iconic silhouettes, Trippen shoes are designed to be timeless, and ever avant-garde. From the minimal to the experimental, each model is made to last . High quality design begins with high social responsibility standards. In order to ensure good working conditions for its employees, Trippen founded its own factory in a former GDR shoe production facility in Zehdenick, Brandenburg, in 1998. Today,

Trippen structures its design process around the needs and ideas of its around 100 production members, each of them valued as an individual and benefitting from fair pay and flexible working conditions. Environmental considerations and ecologically-friendly production process are equally embedded into Trippen’s design process. The use of vegetable-tanned leather and timbers such as alder, poplar and beech are obtained exclusively through European suppliers, and provides for the longevity of each pair of shoes. 



A work boot. A dancing boot. A protest boot. Thrifted and borrowed. Laced up with the legacies of the wearers who came first, Dr. Martens is a timeless classic in our wardrobes. Handcrafted in the original factory in Wollaston where it all began, we can still wear them proudly, with heritage in every stitch.

Dr. Martens are committed to always do actions that are needed more than words. Every year they donate to charities that support and provide for members of the LGBTQIA+ community. The road to equity is a long one and they’re proud to be marching alongside their wearers. Supporting where we can. Shouting in the face of opposition. Your fight is their fight.



After learning that traditional pantyhose are petroleum products planned for obsolescence, Swedish Stockings was born with the mission to change and influence the entire hosiery industry towards sustainable production overall. Swedish Stockings has a vision of being the world’s first circular hosiery brand. Meaning they want to be able to produce a new pair of tights from an old pair. As of now, they are not quite there yet. However, they are looking at new ways to produce their hosiery, researching new materials and production methods and are also researching how they can make the full circle one day soon. Meanwhile, they continue to produce all products from recycled and innovative materials including recycling all tights we can get our hands on.



Art Direction & Production BELVIS SOLER
Creative Direction, Photography & Films JENS WITTWER
Hair Stylist & Make Up Artist CHRISTIANE BUCHHOLZ