Fashion Editorial | Resilient Orchestra


Dear fragmented life,

How could this fragile Humanity compose such a Climatic schizophrenia?

Is it the effect of our monumental egocentric illusions?

Finally, we had the time,

to  P A U S E..., and  R E W I N D…

Learning to

P L A Y   I T  B E T T E R,


F O R W A R D…


Far away from the war between our egos.

As a Resilient Orchestra,

where the future is us. 



Supported by NEONYT


Both models wear jackets by NAKT, a Berlin-based brand that supports local businesses and Berlin's techno club scene. The pleated trousers are AA GOLD. Hosiery by SWEDISH STOCKINGS.


Models wear AQUA ROCK Tencel shirts. This British label blends waste cotton clothing that’s been sent to landfill with recycled plastic bottles turning them into new clothing. Kat (right) wears SWEDISH STOCKINGS socks made with recycled polyamide and recycled elastane. Boots are by TAYLOR + THOMAS, made with sustainable materials—sourced from Italy and Japan—and interwoven with meticulous design details expertly handcrafted by skilled artisans. Kat wears earrings made with silver by Berlin-based GOOD JEWELRY, a brand manufacturing in Germany that more so uses recycled materials.


Fiwoo (left) wears green dress made with GOTS organic cotton by AA GOLD. Jacket by ANNA SCHUSTER. Turtleneck made of merino wool by OFTT. Gloves are from FALKE. Hosiery by SWEDISH STOCKINGS. Socks from NAKT, a Berlin-based fashion studio working with vegan materials sourced in Germany that hand sews directly in their studio in Berlin. Juliana (right) wears ANNA SCHUSTER coat. Black jersey made of 100% organic wool by AA GOLD. Knitted turtleneck made with virgin wool is from LANIUS. White thighs and socks by SWEDISH STOCKINGS. Shoes by TAYLOR + THOMAS


Kat (left) wears a waistcoat made from 100% Tencel and vegetable dye by AQUA ROCK. Bolero blouse and trousers by ANNA SCHUSTER. FALKE socks. Juliana (right) wears bolero blouse and trousers by ANNA SCHUSTER layered down with a shirt from the ethical menswear brand FRISUR that produces in EU with GOTS-certified cotton and Tencel. Silver earrings from GOOD JEWELRY.


Fiwoo (front) wears jacket by HESSNATUR. The corduroy trousers are made of organic cotton, the white trainers use vegan leather and natural rubber soles, and the socks are made from pure sheep’s wool—all by OFTT. Gloves are made with alpaca and virgin wool by FALKE. Kat (back) wear jacket by ANNA SCHUSTER whose pieces used in this editorial are all upcycled and made in Germany.


The shopping bag is from PB 0110. It is made with nylon, and the clutch with vegetable-tanned leather .


Cotton satin dress is MAKE SUNDAY MONDAY, a brand that produces sustainably, socially and ecologically minded clothing in Germany driven by a great sense of style. Coat made of upcycled fabrics by ANNA SCHUSTER. Shoes are TAYLOR + THOMAS. Lightgloves and stockings are FALKE. Pom-pom socks are from SWEDISH STOCKINGS—brand produces with renewable energy, reused water and zero-waste design. High quality gold-plated earrings are by GOOD JEWELRY.


Total look made with Tencel Garbadine by ethical fashion brand AQUA ROCK. Tencel Garbadine is not only sustainable but also soft against skin and more breathable than cotton. Shoes TAYLOR + THOMAS. Gloves FALKE. Blanket is by German label HESSNATUR.


Tencel dress with thermo-regulating and breathable properties is by MAKE SUNDAY MONDAY. Wrapcoat made with deadstock fabric is AA GOLD, a German-based brand that follows zero waste principles and manufactures either with GOTS certified materials, or from existing stocks. Stockings by SWEDISH STOCKINGS. Shoes are TAYLOR + THOMAS.


Cotton satin dress by MAKE MONDAY SUNDAY. This German brand produces locally in Lüneburg and follows a model that avoids overproduction and global mass market. The alpaca knitted cardigan is by LANIUS, a label that creates collections with natural raw materials and comply with a net-zero carbon footprint. Gloves are FALKE. Shoes are TAYLOR + THOMAS. 


Jacket by HESSNATUR, a German label that started designing with pure natural materials and has now an ongoing project dealing with organic fibre cultivation approaching a holistic ecological production. Skirt made with repurposed fabrics by ANNA SCHUSTER. Black turtleneck by GIVN. Gloves by FALKE. Pom-pom socks from SWEDISH STOCKINGS. Silver necklace is GOOD JEWELRY. Shoes are model's own.


All the labels featured in this fashion editorial are committed to sustainable practices and have in common to make of the fashion world a more ethical industry.



Art & Creative Direction | Poem BELVIS SOLER
Photography JENS WITTWER