Fashion for Good Experience Museum, for the future of fashion


The museum is an interactive space where Fashion for Good is showcasing mind-blowing innovations such as apple leather, biodegradable glitters and blockchain technology, helping to make the fashion industry more transparent. The Experience will be open for good and is free of entry.


Last 5th of October, Fashion for Good opened its brand new Fashion for Good Experience in Amsterdam. The Experience is an interactive museum outfitted with the latest technology. The museum aims to change the hearts and minds of the visitors by telling stories behind the clothes you wear, shows you how to take action and have a positive impact on the fashion industry. Through a personalised digital journey with an RFID-bracelet you can learn about the history of good fashion, discover sustainable products and explore fashion innovations of the future.


Interactive and Great

When entering the museum, you can take an RFID-bracelet. With this bracelet you can collect commitments and badges that represent practical actions. Those actions you can turn into a personalised digital guide, a Good Fashion Action Plan, that you can take home. This plan can help you become a more conscious fashion customer. The engagement continues as you can stay connected to the Fashion for Good Movement through special programming, digital campaigns, workshops and events that are being organised in the Fashion for Good building.

One of the key exhibits of the museum is the Innovation Lounge, where we can discover over 50 amazing innovators who are about to disrupt the fashion industry. One of those innovations comes from Colorifix. Colorifix dyed a Stella McCartney dress using engineered microorganisms. Another of the innovations comes from Mycotex. They made a dress from mycelium (the “root system” of mushrooms). 


The museum also contains a concept store, a responsive T-shirt design studio (meaning if you want a green polka-dot design, the studio turns into a green polka-dot space, live!), but also an infinity mirror, GIF booth and so much more!


In its Good Shop, the Fashion for Good Experience also showcases current concepts that show good fashion is already available today. The store features curated product collections that are built around inspiring themes and swapped out every three months. The first theme is “Splash: Rethinking the Role of Water in Fashion” and features products from adidas x Parley, Kings of Indigo, ECOALF, Insane in the Rain, Karün and Ms. Bay.

In the Design Studio, you can design the most sustainable T-shirt option out there today: your own Cradle to Cradle Certified Gold T-shirt and you can print it on site. Through live projections the studio will display your chosen design, giving you an immersive way of watching your design come to life. You can also take a selfie in the infinity mirror at the entrance of the museum or take a kaleidoscopic selfie in the GIF booth in the Innovation Lounge and send it to a visually-striking installation to demonstrate your commitment towards a good fashion industry.


One of the first Fashion for Good ambassadors is international model Arizona Muse. Her favorite innovations are featured throughout the store, explaining the story behind her personal picks. Arizona has been very dedicated to moving the fashion industry into a more sustainable industry for quite some time now. “The Fashion for Good Experience is an amazing way of engaging and inspiring visitors on sustainability and innovations, showing good fashion can still be cool, fun and wild”, says Arizona. Other changemakers featured in the museum and store window will be international supermodel Lily Cole and co-founder of Fashion Revolution, Orsola de Castro.

The Experience will be open for good  and is free of entry.

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