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As a global movement across 75 countries, Fashion Revolution unites its participants through a collective vision – one of sustainability and social reprieve within the fashion industry. This year’s 2024 event  – which will mark one decade of campaigning on the movements’ behalf – is set to feature a series of new initiatives, each addressing important undertakings such as recycling and wage equality. Learn more about these initiatives and how you can become a championed Fashion Revolutionary.


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Capitalized on the top of’s home page in stout black font, hosts of this years’ annual Fashion Revolution Week pose the open-ended question of “How to be a Fashion Revolutionary,” with a series of points outlined in a dropdown menu below. The one week event – which requests public engagement as its measured motif – features dialogues and panels from “community builders, creative thinkers, and organizers'' all with an end goal of excavating and guiding future generations of “Fashion Revolutionaries.” This year’s event marks a decade of active campaigning, and is running through the 15th-24th of April.



What can be expected from the event that brought us incentives like #WhoMadeMyClothes and #WhoMadeMyFabric and launched historic living wage campaigns, such as Good Clothes For Pay? This year’s event, centered around the power of personal impact, features a series of locally-driven activities from across the globe – such as a student upcycling challenge based in Canada and a sustainable street fashion show in South Africa. Towards the end of the 2024 display, on Saturday April 20th, the first ever Mend In Public Day will band communities of revolutionaries together, providing an accessible form of activism for all participants to rebel against the current disposable practices of the fashion industry. 


Social media will serve a large role in the movement, as well, helping to reach and connect new audiences through shared hashtags and branding posts. Currently posted to the Fashion Revival instagram are a series of bubbly backgrounded email drafts that can be copied and pasted to individual brands about, i.e., their water consumption. 


Thanks to the work of Fashion Revolution and other similar movements, we are finally seeing industry transformation – sustainability is becoming a mainstream mentality within the fashion landscape, and people are generally paying more attention to where their clothing comes from. The Fashion Revolution Community itself has grown three-fold over the last half decade and we have seen, first-hand, international legislation take form – for example, the fast fashion bill in France which is currently pending Senate approval.


Despite all of these tremendous wins, there is still a lot of work to be done. Legislation and inherent systemic changes, though apparent, are moving at a much too slow pace to actively rival the acceleration of global climate change, pollution, and social inequity concerns. The people who manufacture our clothing are still confined to a life of crippling poverty; overproduction and consumption continue to worsen the global waste problem, debilitating communities in the Global South and polluting the worlds’ lands and waterways. And, as all of this plays out in our midst (and because of our midst), there are still people who remain grossly unaware of the fashion industry’s role in problems of race, gender, climate change, and pollution.


This is where Fashion Revolution Week comes in.



Through the 2024 program’s offering of interactive workshops, global community activations, and social media information transmission, Fashion Revolutionaries will be able to acquire necessary skills towards advocacy and education. This year’s event is all about building a new generation of compassionate and conscious individuals who will continue to vouch for environmental and social responsibility in an era of irresponsibility.


This is your memo to get involved! Take the plunge! Become a fashion revolutionary in your own right! 


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@ Fashion Revolution Brasil

+ Words:
Tori Palone
Luxiders Magazine