Glamping In Switzerland | A Guide To The Most Luxurious Camping Sites



Do you prefer camping or staying in a hotel? Glamping brings out the best of both worlds: camping’s immersive outdoor experience, coupled with the comforts of luxurious accommodations. What better place to experience it than in the stunning nature of Switzerland? There, we can relax surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and the serenity of the countryside. Discover our selection of the best places to experience glamping in Switzerland.


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Glamping, or glamorous camping, is designed to blend in seamlessly with nature and not disrupt the ecosystem. Compared to a hotel, glamping offers an eco-friendlier alternative with minimal environmental intervention. Switzerland’s natural environment is the perfect canvas to lay out glamping sites. From the peaks of the Swiss Alps to the calm waters of Lake Geneva, the country overflows with spots of mountainous beauty. The unparalleled views alone are enough to relax, but when paired with minimalist, yet elegant accommodations, the experience excels. 





With Adventurly, we can enjoy romantic nights under the starry sky. Their bubble hotels are transparent domes located between secluded nature. We can enhance the stays with Dark Skies, a listening experience to discover the sky. Adventurly has bubble hotels in over 10 different locations around Switzerland. 

When we talked to Adventurly, they recommended the bubble suite at Saas Fee for the full “swissness” feeling. It is in the Sun Mountain at 2000 metres above sea level, surrounded by the high peaks of the Valais Alps. It is a dream for nature enthusiasts and hikers. 

Furthermore, other recommendation include the Bubble Hotel at Bonaduz. It is an insider's tip for the adventurous and romantics looking for panoramic Alpine scenery. If we want to opt for a lake, we recommend staying in the botanical garden of Parco San Grato overviewing Lake Lugano. For those fond of animals, we recommend staying at St. Gallen, where we are surrounded by animals from Wannenwis organic farm. 



Next, Whitepod is an eco-luxury destination where every view begins and ends in the picturesque mountains. The modern and cosy design of the innovative pods boasts stunning views of the valley. The design elegantly manages and arranges all the essentials for a comfortable space in a compact space without appearing cluttered. There are a variety of pod options depending on the number of guests. Even more, we can find exclusive pods with unique designs like the Japanese-inspired Zen Suite, the Forest Suite, or the Swiss Suite. 

Whitepod stands out for its commitment to sustainability. The geodesic structure makes the pods energy efficient through continuous airflow and ease to maintain a stable temperature. It is coupled with a durable, eco-friendly heating system. The pod's colours also change to stay in harmony with the environment. The destination also limits night lighting and on-site transportation. The glamping site has more commitments to sustainability including their waste management and the food they serve. 

If we are looking for complete relaxation, we can visit the wellness areas featuring a sauna, a Scandinav bath and fitness sections. It also caters for the adventurous with thrilling mountain experiences, such as climbing peaks and exploring hidden trails.  



Nestled along scenic Lake Murten, La Pinte du Vieux Manoir offers three relaxing accommodations within spacious areas. The property's rich history includes serving as a summer residence and later as an English-style villa in the 19th century. Our focus is on the Glass Diamond, an exclusive tree house. In detail, the accommodation feels like a nest perched between the tree canopies at the shores of the lake. Built with reflexive glass from floor to ceiling, the elegant accommodation offers a 360-degree view, while preserving complete privacy. 

With traditional hospitality in mind, the venue aims to ensure complete relaxation, peace, and comfort.  Finally, we can refine our experience with a delicious meal at the lakeside restaurant or enjoy a glass of wine on the garden terrace. In the summertime, it is the perfect location to admire sunsets. 



If we search for authenticity, Camping Arolla in the Valais Alps is the glamping experience closest to camping. At 1950 metres above sea level, it is the highest campground in Switzerland. We are hosted by camping enthusiasts who transmit their passion and knowledge to us. Away from civilisation, we can recharge our batteries in a natural, unspoiled environment, where silence and tranquillity reign supreme. We breathe pure air and drink water directly from the glaciers. If you are not an experienced camper, there is nothing to worry about. The Cocoon tents are equipped with a double bed, a private terrace, and an outdoor kitchen area to ensure a restful and comfortable stay. 



This nature lodge is ideal for connecting with nature and the region’s traditions. The glamping site has a rustic design, featuring wooden structures. The warm ambience evokes a sense of connection to the land and its heritage, blending in with the surroundings. The private retreat sits high above the roofs of Obergesteln, close to Gommer Höhnenweg, the first premium hiking trail in Switzerland. The location is also the early summer residence for the Gommer Galloway cattle. 

Moreover, the site is part of Mayas5, a larger project focused on sustainability, regional traditions, and respect for the environment. Maya, the founder, brings back Gommer Cholera, a culinary tradition from the Valais region.  This zero-waste cake is filled with a sweet and savoury taste, including the renowned regional raclette cheese. In fact, the motivation behind the project and the dish is that in older times, people were self-sufficient, using what they had on the farms to create the dishes. Therefore, we can also enjoy the farm’s products with the new farm-to-table picnic served at the lodge.



If the concept of Bubble Hotels captivates you, Himmelbelt is another great option. Himmelbett means “beds with a view to the sky”, which is what this experience is all about. It is in the winemaking region of Thargau. A calm, rural site is an excellent option for a refreshing escape in summer. The site offers bubble hotels with different settings. The Kartause Ittingen overlooks the colourful vineyards and the Thur River. Similarly, Feierlenhof Altnau is surrounded by beautiful orchards and accompanied by a view of Lake Constance. For complete peace and silence, we opt for the Farm Hagschnurer which has a splendid view of Säntis Mountain. Additionally, we can match any of these experiences with a dignified dinner from the restaurant, a bottle of wine right by the bed or a raclette party. 



This is not the case for all sites. Many sites accommodate the needs of each season, ensuring our comfort. For example, some options offer heated tents for cosy winter retreats. Other glamping sites catered for more outdoor experiences might be a better option for spring and summer. Their refreshing designs allow for the breeze to run freely. Regardless, with their rising popularity, glamping sites are booked fast. Therefore, we better start checking our options beforehand and booking them to secure our ideal getaway into nature.


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