Interior Design Trends 2020/2021 | Heimtextil “Where I Belong”



Discover our overview of this year’s hottest predicted Interior Design trends for 2020/21, to be presented at the Heimtextil in Frankfurt from the 7-10 January 2020. Maximum Glam, Pure Spiritual, Active Urban, Heritage Lux and Multi-Local compose the five separate thematic worlds. 



The Trend Space at Heimtextil is the first place to discover the latest market developments in materials, textiles and moods for interior design. This space is designed to motivate interactions between exhibitors and visitors, to share their insights by creating dynamic settings all about performance and exchange. 


Heimtextil will launch the new trend season for 2020/21 with the guiding theme “Where I Belong”. This season, Stijlinstituut Amsterdam together with London-based studio FranklinTill and Danish Agency SPOTT Trends & Business contributed to the 2020/21 global forecast.

“Where I Belong” addresses the intricacy of our layered identities in a creative and informative way. According to the five Heimtextil 20/21 trends, five separate thematic worlds were established as spaces for experience. Anne Marie Commandeur, Director of Stijlinstituut Amsterdam, introduced these new design themes for the Trend Preview:

“Maximum Glam” turns the glamorous life tech-savvy

“Pure Spiritual” finds a balance between nature and mysticism

“Active Urban” values utilitarian, adaptable solutions for an active, urban life.

“Heritage Lux” celebrates and remembers rich historical legacies.

“Multi-Local” embraces the fusion of diverse global cultural influences.

Stijlinstitute Amsterdam invited four design studios and two photographers to capture and expand on the core principle of each theme. Every creative was assigned a theme matching their philosophy, practice and methodology, enabling them to bring a personal and authentic aspect to their stories.


Trend Preview for Interior Design 2020/21

Pleasure seekers revel in layering theatrical influences and glamorous showtime aesthetics forging a marriage between the crafted and digitally rendered. Textiles have a ‘more is more’ attitude through a mash-up of glamour, gradients and spectrums, fake fur, pile and fringe, jacquard weave and fantastic prints. As the name suggests, this trend has no reservations. It’s about indulgence and a lavish lifestyle.


This aesthetic for the idealist seeking purity and lasting perfection. Pure Spiritual is about restoring equilibrium within what is natural. To embrace technology for improvement, while shifting between realism and mysticism in pursuit of a personal, spiritual haven. To address the new bond with nature, organic matter, raw materials and textiles are selected to reveal nature’s origins, traces, organic structures and irregularities. Colors are soft and harmonious and textures are organic and unique.


Preservers of historic legacies treasure sensuousness alongside the enlightenment of society from ignorance. This new narrative translates to a love of luxury and splendor, decoration and embellishment. Finding beauty in history and nature through ornamental patterning and alluring surface embellishment. It’s all in the detail with this style that conserves history while displaying a new luxury that represents today's elevated standards.


Multi-Local connects people globally through this eclectic interior aesthetic. Celebrating inclusivity over appropriation, Multi-Local honors traditional craftsmanship and aims to adjust the world’s gaze to embrace exchange, creative integrity and diverse identities. Indigenous style meets global influences. This is a celebration and preservation of crafted, decorative patterns from tribal and folkloric to geometric and abstract, celebrating the union of diverse cultural legacies under one roof.


Urban dwellers confront the challenges of the fast-paced, shape-shifting, man-made environment,  by searching for utilitarian, adaptable solutions. Functionality, tech performance and the use of available and renewable resources are priorities for this trend, and of course looking sleek remains key.


Heimtextil’s Commitment to Sustainability

Heimtextil is an interior design fair that spans 2,000 m2 over four exhibition days from the 7-10 January 2020. For this year’s 50th edition the international trade fair will once again exhibit with the world’s largest product range for interior design textiles and present the hottest furnishing trends for the next year. Around 3000 international exhibitors will present their innovations in Frankfurt. 

We are happy to see Heimtextil and the international trend team created a Material Manifesto outlining the management of resources used during the event and the avoidance of using new materials that end up as waste at the conclusion of the exhibition. Through informed material choices, Stijlinstituut Amsterdam is helping to create an immersive forum experience while at the same time reducing material impact and minimizing the conference footprint. Heimtextil and Stijlinstituut Amsterdam are working according to principles of circularity — A forum built primarily of textiles and inflatables with materials that can be re-used after the event as well as components and materials loaned from Messe Frankfurt.

These installations go far beyond decorative backdrops: they will tell distinctive stories representative of this year’s trends while fulfilling Heimtextil’s commitment to sustainability.


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