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Stop wasting money on low quality textiles that are not even sustainable. Luxury deadstock fabrics will be your best alternatives. Here is the list of the platforms where you can find a new circular fashion.


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Deadstock fabric, a fast-rising trend and also a hidden sustainable gem in the textile industry, refers to surplus or leftover fabrics that were manufactured but never used or sold by retailers and designers. In fashion design, they have been often forgotten by the designers and stored away in a warehouse for a long time, and discarded at the end. According to, the world produces over 90 million tons of textile waste every year. In the US, 66% percent of unwanted garments and textiles are landfilled, 19% are burned, and only 15% are recycled.

However, as the fashion industry continues to shift towards more sustainable and ethical practices, deadstock fabric is becoming an alternative source for design as a great way to reduce textile waste and become more circular in fashion. To follow this emerging trend, LVMH, the biggest luxury fashion house group, launched Nona Source, the first online resale platform for re-sourcing luxurious deadstock materials from the group’s fashion and leather goods. Also there are several independent online platforms that carry various sustainable textiles, including deadstock fabrics.




Measure is an U.S based fabric store that focuses on stocking designer deadstock fabrics such as Rag & Bone, Theory, etc for the quality, exclusiveness, and variety. Their fabrics come from Italy, other European countries, India, and a few from China, and they handpick the materials carefully in every collection. They provide personalized help services for each consumers’ needs.


The fabric sales is a Belgian high-end sustainable fabric carrier that offers over 10,000 deadstock fabrics and sewing threads. They categorized the fabrics by fabric content, color, design, and even the projects, such as lingerie, suiting, and swimwear collections. They also provide Zero Waste Packs, which is a selection of leftover high-quality fabric pieces after the production that can be used for quilting, designing small accessories.



Core Fabric is a fabric retailer that collects natural and renewable natural fibers, with a focus on eco-certified fabrics manufactured by responsible producers, and deadstock fabrics are part of their collection. In their Deadstock + Designer, you can find high-quality fabrics with affordable prices.





The Fabric store is a New Zealand based ethical retailer that has 8 retail stores and a headquarters in New Zealand and Australia. About 85% of the fabrics they sell are sourced from designer deadstock. Overcoming the difficulties of tracing the deadstock fabrics, they have built great relationships with fashion designers and deadstock fabric suppliers in the world to provide the best quality fabrics with better traceability.



It's an Italian textile supplier that collects the fabrics from the world’s top fashion houses, and all of their fabrics are sourced in Italy. They mostly supply fabrics to designers and fabric stores, therefore their minimum order amount is relatively high. They also provide guidebooks to deadstock fabrics, which are tailored to meet the needs of fabric shop owners, designers, and tailors, providing essential information on each fabric.


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