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Luxiders Magazine Print Issue 1o is all about people crafting papers of change. Enjoy your retreat from the chaos of everyday life, a safe haven to return to whenever you need a dose of wonder.


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Once upon a time, there were people crafting papers of change.

We were the dreamers. Today,we are celebrating the launch of Luxiders Magazine Issue Number 10, marking five years of echoing the change produced in arts, lifestyle, business, and fashion. 
Through serious investigative journalism, focused on the positive impact, over the course of these 10 issues, we have brought together the best artists, chefs, designers, entrepreneurs, photographers, writers, and individuals galvanizing a global call for responsible consumption. By drawing inspiration from these sustainable pioneers, we have been navigating the complex terrain of the future, printing papers that bear witness to the story of an unpredictable change. 
After 10 magazines, we firmly believe that we have done the right thing. Through a fusion of innovation, conscience, and expression, we have become the guardians of our own destiny, crafting a world that is not only beautiful but also enduring and sustainable. As readers and responsible citizens, we must pledge to support the sustainable endeavors that these creative forces bring forth.

Because in a world defined by ever-accelerating change, it's the artists and pioneers who often serve as both the chroniclers and catalysts of transformation. Their intersection plays a pivotal role in guiding society's evolution.

That is why, I would like to thank all of them and all those who have become part of our team for making this magazine a reality, as well as all our clients and advertisers who have supported our work from the very beginning. 
Thanks for believing that inspiration possesses the extraordinary power to reflect our society's values, amplify its conscience, and envision what the future can be. 
Welcome to Luxiders Magazine Issue 10.
Your retreat from the chaos of everyday life.
A safe haven to return to whenever you need a dose of wonder.

Belvis Soler
Editor in Chief & Art Director
Luxiders Magazine



Luxiders Magazine Print Issue 10 is an allegory about the new wave of designers who want to change the way things are done. The fashion editorials Emotional Membranes, Eternity Exists, and Life Forms are a great testament to this. In this issue, we take a journey with the latest nomads from Mongolia who speak to us about sacred land and aimless paths. We interview the artists of change. Through their works, Jura Shust, Tadeas Podracky, Florian Baudrexel, and Sophie Kielmann whisper tales of environmental undertones, society and traditions, identity, and empowerment. Finally, we delve deeply into extremely current topics such as The Green Claims Directive, the unsustainable reality of the beauty industry, and the lesser-known secrets of the world's top denim creators.