Luxury Vintage Stores in London



With party season ahead of us we know that the fashion lover in us needs to be satisfied. Or maybe you're just looking for some Christmas gifts (for yourself of course). Try vintage. Up-cycle. Make the most of what already exists. The most fun way how to be more sustainable is to look for gems that already exist. And let's be honest we all prefer to wear that one-of-a-kind outfit anyway.



Before we get to the fun part lets remind each other that sometimes we might get overwhelmed with all the bargains around us and end up buying more things than intended and some of them might never even leave your closet (yes, we are guilty). Rule number one if you're buying "new clothes" even if it's vintage - always invest only in the pieces that you absolutely love and will wear the heck out of, no matter how slow or fast they are.
One of the many amazing things that London has to offer is its vintage selection. If you go to the right places and look around you won't leave empty-handed. But we know to find the right shop in such a big city can be a bit overwhelming so we put together our few favourites where you can always be sure to find some luxury designer's gems. No matter what part of London you are in, we got you covered.
Let's start in the West, Nothing Hill. The go-to for all the vintage lovers. The Portobello market might be the most famous one in London and a must go to when visiting even if you just want to stroll around. While you are there don't forget to have a peak in some of these vintage stores.



Found and Vision
318 Portobello Rd


This one might be one of our favourites. They are funky, they are colourful, and the store has this amazing vibe. You could spend hours in there. Their collection is impressive, and you never know what you are about to find this time. Chanel, Celine...Dior?

One of a Kind
259 Portobello Rd

Why save the best for last, we might as well just give you the address to heaven. A place that is known to many as "Aladdin's Cave" is packed with fashion history. You can book an appointment to browse through their private archive. This is the highest end of the vintage stores it actually feels more like a museum of fashion, you can find things that you only dreamed of, gowns made by legends like John Galliano, Karl Lagerfeld, Alexander McQueen and many more. It is also fair to say that prices respond to it. But on the other hand, it is Christmas time and you work hard all year so why not?

282 Portobello
282 Portobello Rd

Looking for a Burberry trench? Or Barbour jacket? We got you! A quality vintage store that is mainly focusing on classic English elegance. Leather, ballgowns, and quality footwear. Lovers of the oversized blazers and suits will be in heaven plus you can also find lots of traditional tweed pieces and isn't that a must when in England?
Now that we have West London covered (or at least a few go-to's) we still recommend to just walk around and enjoy the market; you never know what treasure you could find! Let's bounce to central. Again, there is a large amount of different stores but these should be your go-to's when you're downtown.


WoW Retro 
179 Drury Ln

A funky, edgy, retro clothing shop located in Covent Garden. Retro and modern second-hand clothing, boots, shoes, and accessories for men and women. If you are looking for a vintage, quality corset that's the place. Many times, we came across Agent Provocateur corsets over here. You can find also find some Gucci handbags and quality shoes and many 80's and 90's oversized bands t-shirts.

Reign Vintage
12 Berwick St


A brand with a "mission to offer fashion lovers a credible and affordable alternative to what mass-manufactured high street offers. We wanted to enable our customers to be the Rulers of their  individual style – not the high street" and we are here for it! They started to sell vintage 17 years ago on markets like Portobello and Camden, now have shops in London and Oxford and you can even find them online. Well curated, premium-grade vintage. A two stories shop in Soho has an amazing vibe to it and the selection is unique and affordable.
Ok so here we go. We are moving to the East now. Another vintage paradise - Shoreditch, Brick lane everywhere you look you find something. We recommend you reserve the whole afternoon for this and wander around and pop in any vintage store you can find. It might require some digging but we are sure you won't leave empty-handed and full of experience. Also just keep your head up and watch people around you as there is some serious street style inspiration going on.

Serotonin Vintage
194 Brick Ln

Second-hand designer heaven. Prada, Moschino, Dior, Luis Vuitton, Fenty. You can find a huge selection of many must-have vintage pieces that currently rule the street-style culture. Logos, LOGOS everywhere. The owners definitely know what's on now. Come here to get that funky 90's vibe.

Laura Von Behr Vintage
17 Amhurt Terrace

If you agree with us that shopping is all about the experience, we've got something for you. This vintage store in Hackney that belongs to Laura has an incredible collection of handpicked vintage dresses. She sells only through appointments so don't hesitate and book one for you and your best friend. Do you have some special occasion coming? This is the place where you going to find what you are looking for.
So that is about it. In London, there are so many more places worth going to and honestly you will definitely find so many more of them just by looking around, these are simply some that you shouldn't miss.
What is also worth trying are the charity shops in affluent areas like Kensington, Chelsea, Marylebone. You need to dig in, but we are sure you are going to find some luxury designer treasure. We might or might have not come across a Vivienne Westwood two-piece suit for less than a hundred pounds. London is a city of fashion which has its thousands of perks, so don't give up and keep looking.

+ Words: Kristina Kasparova

Kristina Kasparova is a creative nomad, free spirit seeking real conversations and inspiring stories. Czech made, she is currently based in London, focused on more ethical fashion and sustainable life.

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