Best Places for a Sustainable Lifestyle in Naples



Founded by the ancient Greeks more than two thousand years ago, Naples is one of the oldest continuously inhabited urban areas in the world. For six centuries it has been the capital city of a kingdom called Regnum Neapolitanum (kingdom of Neaples).


Naples is no longer a capital, but it is still one of the most culturally relevant cities in Italy, if not in the world. It is home to the Teatro Reale di San Carlo, the oldest opera house in Europe, its historic city centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is famous all over the world for its glorious cuisine. Filled with palaces, museums, castles, and jaw-dropping panoramas, this city is incredibly cinematic and as a matter of fact, it is the main setting of a number of movies, novels, tv series, and even manga.


The Neapolitan youth do not just enjoy the beauties their city has to offer, but instead, they also try to preserve our planet’s future by making mindful choices in their everyday life. If you currently live in Naples and you are trying to lower your impact on the environment, here is a list of places worth a visit.



Via Mezzocannone, 71, 80134


In Via Mezzocannone, a narrow uphill street in the old town, you can find the best vintage store in town. This lovely shop was founded by Luigi Cirella and Alessandro de Gais four years ago and since then it has been locals and tourist's go-to place to find high-quality, feminine and hand-picked vintage items. The interior is a treat for the eyes: you will be wowed by the original majolica floors, the tasteful decor, and the exposed tufo brickwork. The clothes are so beautiful, classy and carefully selected that many designers from the top fashion houses go there looking for inspiration. Here you will find a piece of clothing that is going to steal your heart.


Via Mezzocannone, 83, 80134


Six years ago three friends called Stefano, Imma and Luigi decided to open a little vegan restaurant, located close to the University and very soon their kindness and professionalism won over the hearts and taste buds of Neapolitans and tourists alike. Their incredibly colourful and tasty food is made using plant-based, organic and mostly local ingredients. Their menu changes every day, this way their many regulars can always find something new and exciting to try. Get a “Terno” a trio of delicious vegan mains, and do not forget to try their desserts, they are unforgettable. If you want a fresh, budget-friendly, Neapolitan vegan lunch, this restaurant is the perfect place for you!



L’orto va in città
Via Santa Chiara, 30, 80134


With a primary focus on celebrating and encouraging seasonal eating, L’orto va in città is a grocery store based in Naples’s city centre. It offers local and seasonal fruits and vegetables, organic bulk grains, beans, and nuts. The owner Simone Mollica is a very cultured and warm-hearted man that truly believes in change and promotes a healthier and kinder way to eat. Their fruits and vegetable are grown by local farmers, for example, the lemons are grown in Posillipo, the wild edible plants come from Somma Versuviana and the avocados are grown in the Phlegraean Fields. Walking in this lovely bottega you will feel like you are going back to a time when people ate seasonally and locally and when the places one shopped at were owned by acquaintances or friends, not faceless companies.


Chicchi e Baccelli + Qualcosa di Té
Via San Biagio Dei Librai, 122, 80138


A place like this is a dream come true for any tea and spices lover. This family-run business in Via San Biagio Dei Librai is the fusion of two different shops: a spices store called “Chicchi e Baccelli” and a tea store called “Qualcosa di Té”. There you can find a huge and carefully curated selection of teas, spices, and coffees from all over the globe. The lovely owners will walk you through a sensory journey in the wonderfully-smelling world of these healing foods. Their love for natural cuisine and their vast knowledge will help you choose teas and spices that truly fit your taste, needs and cooking style, among a sea of tasty and high-quality options.    


Cavoli nostri
Via Palepoli, 32, 80132


In case you are craving a delicious vegan meal after visiting Castel dell'Ovo, a castle that is the oldest standing fortification in Naples, then you should go to Cavoli nostri. Located close to the seafront, this vegan restaurant offers tasty dishes prepared using fresh organic ingredients. You can pick among many scrumptious options and pair them with a glass of aromatic vegan wine. The staff is friendly and the pasta is al dente. Try the mushroom ravioli and the faux caramel cheesecake. You will not regret it!



Via Lepanto, 81, 80125


Shopping for vegan food is far from difficult in this sunny city, but if you cannot even be bothered to read the ingredients list, you can just go to Tobio, a fully vegan grocery shop in Via Lepanto 81. There you can find tons of organic vegan foods, including plant-based affettati, milks and chocolate, faux cheeses, bulk grains and legumes. They also offer vegan make-up, skincare and delicious baked goods.


‘A Sapunara
Via San Biagio Dei Librai, 5, 80138


A popular spot for sustainable living enthusiasts, this delightful little shop located in the old town was opened in 2014 by the kind and professional Nunzia Manzo. In the beginning, there were only a few products, but now after many chats with clients and fairs, you can find an array of natural and organic make-up products, creams, shampoos, soaps and much more. They also offer a small selection of zero waste goodies such as bamboo toothbrushes and the excellent products from an amazing French plastic-free brand called “Lamazuna”.



Cooperativa 'E Pappeci
Via Mezzocannone, 103, 80134


This little Fairtrade shop offers a wide variety of products: there you will find anything from chocolate to decor to eco-cleaning products. The Cooperativa 'E Pappeci has been operating in Naples since 1992, first as an informal group, then as an association, and finally as a social cooperative since 2005. They operate in two locations: one in Via Mezzocannone, 103 in the old town, and another one in Via Orsi, 72 in the residential Vomero.


Pironti a Port'Alba
Via Port'Alba, 32, 80134


At the 32nd of Via Port'Alba, a picturesque little street in the city centre you will find a library, that is much than. It is a landmark that symbolizes Neapolitans love for second-hand books. This bookstore is vast and utterly majestic, it is filled with books in many languages and of all genres. The owner is a professional, kind and well-read man that will help you find whatever you are looking for in his stunning paper maze.


+ Words: Roberta Fabbrocino

Roberta Fabbrocino is a writer and an environmentalist who loves sharing stories about all things sustainability. She runs @mosclothingsubscription, an eco-friendly personal styling service, and creates content for green brands.

Instagram:  @naturallybree