The relation between nature and human being: Agnieszka Lepka

Agnieszka Lepka, Cracow based talented photographer highlighs in her artworks the relation between nature and human being. By showcasing those similarities within her outstanding composition of human body part close up photography she gets into details which seems at first glance ordinary. Due to mirroring texture and structures with nature, the concept gains a powerful tension.

Veins are put into relation with topographic maps, fingerprints resemble a tree trunk, and cacti are compared to scrubby beards. In her works she prefers to use analogue photography as well as traditional picture. She was highlighted in the contest TIFF Festival in “Debuts” section in 2015 an the Sputnik Photos workshop in collaboration with Filip Springer“No doubt, it gived me much more confidence” – she says.

“I prefer analogue photography as well as traditional picture,
because it’s learning conscious and adult framing image, but all awards contributed to the deepening of working with digital photography, which I’m trying everyday” – she declares to Cargo Collective.

The photographer achived diploma in Photography in General School of Fine Arts in Zielona Góra in 2011. Now, with only 26 years old, she still developing her skills and knowledge, looking and getting closer to get to know herself and trying to find her own style in photography. In the future I would like to study direction associated with photography. We are curiously waiting for her next work.

Other amazing projects

Transparent, Emotional Landscapes and Nude are other shaking project by Agnieszka Lepka. Transparent is a collection of photographs which tells about colorless. In that case she does not use any contrast. She gave up the dark colors and wanted like to try something new in clear, simple highlight tones. She gave photographs a milky mood, with an impression of unity of the environment and a subject on the background, what integrates them or make disappear. The all composition and space is conceptual.

“I think the pictures identify with the concept contemporary photography.
Remaining in harmony with myself I cooperate with the frame
horizontally and central too. Climate for all photographs is foggy,
absent and mysterious” – she says.

A series of  Emotional landscapes brings together several stories that have one thing in common – portraying human emotion in a difficult moment of life, we can read in Cargo Collective. It is a psychological study, consisting of expressing the internal state through the body, or external conditions. She sets the silhouette with in the rocky space. This space is consistent for the whole composition, and arrangement of bodies thoughtful and conceptual. “Deliberately avoid repetition” -she says.

+ photos: © Agnieska Lepka
+ info: Agnieszka Lepka