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In the world of electric cars, NIO reaches the competition by improving the user experience. The Chinese brand has created a platform that assures its jump into the automotive industry in Germany, Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden by a subscription system on each model. Undoubtedly, this represents a great idea that will create a larger and stronger consumer community for NIO.

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NIO Inc., a company dedicated to the development and manufacture of smart electric vehicles, announced the launch of the new car models at the NIO Launch Event in Berlin and on their website, designed to offer these company's products for more countries in Europe. At the NIO Berlin Launch Event 2022 the brand exposed the brand new cars and the expansion of their business to the European market, as it will officially provide services in Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden and Sweden. There, guests could sit in these luxury vehicles, try the company’s new 3D augmented reality glasses and multi-speaker surround sound, as well as enjoy the massage provided by its seats.

This launch is integrated into a strategy of the chinese company to provide direct sales of its cars to their potential users. The availability of the NIO ET7, NIO ET5 and NIO EL7 new models on the platform, will allow access to many buyers in these regions to aquire new purchases. As kick-start, NIO has built a reservation system on each model that starts on October and will end on January and March 2023.

The NIO EL7 is a vehicle with new exterior and a perfect fusion of sensors attached to the grille with the brand's theme of design of autonomous driving are covered with high-tech devices. From cameras, radars, and sensors to new infrastructure that interacts with roads, the car brings out a futuristic feel while maximizing their performance. This is the biggest challenge facing designers. In this context, the EL7's exterior is defined to display its powerful AD capability and imprint embodying motion with strength.

Likewise the NIO ET5 has updates in the wheels, color combinations that varies from onyx black to sand, standard features such as seats, electric drive system, efficiency and specifications, the chassis system, safety features (locks, air bags, parking radars, etc.) interior and exterior features, climate control system, assisted and intelligent driving hardware system and the trailer package.  


And the NIO ET7 is a smart electric sedan launched in January 2021 and has just arrived to Europe. With four main aspects that improved, interior and exterior design, smart experience, driving performance and battery swap, the electric car is the next generation for sedans. Unlike traditional petrol luxury sedans, ET7  revolutionizes the design of high tech vehicles.

Here are some of the most outstanding services that NIO Berlin presented:


To boost the demand of these modern electric vehicles, the company created a subscription program where users in the four countries will be able to rent the cars customizing various aspects of their purchase. First, they can create flexible terms of payment, from one up to 60 months. Second, the customers can choose the german address where the car is going to be delivered. Third, it has a complete package that includes registration services, insurance, winter tires, pick-up and return for maintenance. Undoubtedly, this represents a great idea that will create a larger and stronger consumer community for NIO.

The subscription costs depends on the country. For Germany starting at 999 euros per month, for Netherlands starting at 1,089 euro, 10,899 SEK in Sweden and 8,499 DKK in Denmark. However ownership is still possible.


As a technical specialty, NIO's engineering team introduced a swapable battery solution. Nio batteries can be purchased or rented with the car. There will be two options available in Europe, the standard and the long-range battery packs. In addition, they have a future plan to build more charging stations, strategically located on major highways in Germany. 

But the true innovation consists in a power supply system where every station is expected to have a service for swaping batteries. Instead of waiting for the battery to charge in 25 minutes, there would be a 5 minute service for swaping the battery. Until now, NIO Power has already completed more than 11,800,000 battery swaps. 



In addition to the technological advances contained in the car per se, such as artificial intelligence, the brand wants to create an attractive and innovative community in Europe where technological services are sufficient for users. Therefore, NIO Houses opened in Berlin and intends to open, in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo and Gothenburg.

Likewise, NIO will drive the development of ASCs (Authorized Service Center) models, which serves to support the chinese company's user experience by providing insights on quality of service, pricing, quality of service, charging or battery usage, etc. The NIO Service Center offers a comprehensive range of NIO vehicle services with "one-click for maintenance". 


This is a range of fashion and lifestyle products, many of which are made out of upcycled or recycled materials from their car production. Nio works and collaborates with 500 designers and institutes to create a global lifestyle brand. They are seeking the goal of creating daily life products in 8 categories that includes clothing and accessories, home and living, outdoors, trendy toys, car and lifestyle, hi-tech products, food and drinks.

Also, all of this is managed by specific brands which are NIO Life, Blue Sky Lab, NIO Racing, EPedition and Nomi. Fashion, sports and lifestyle brands that provide different sustainable services and products. 


"Delivering experiences beyond expectations is what drives us"
- Ralph Kranz, General Director of NIO Germany. 


© All photos courtesy of NIO Berlin 2022  



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Regina Berndt
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