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Following with our "Best Wellness Hotels and Spas in the World" Series, we arrive to breathtaking luxury hotel Nihi, located in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Nihi Hotel is deeply connected to the local community and works to support the people of Sumba through a range of initiatives, including education, healthcare, and economic development. The hotel's sustainability efforts include the use of renewable energy sources such as solar power, as well as rainwater harvesting and waste reduction programs. The resort also supports local conservation efforts, such as protecting sea turtle nesting sites and preserving the island's unique flora and fauna. 


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Nihi Sumba inspires with their picturesque views, multitude of activities, and stunning villas. They were named Travel + Leisure Awards Best Hotel in the World 2016 and 2017, and continue to prove their status as one of the best. We explore what the hotel has to offer here, but keep your eye out for our upcoming Print Magazine to read more about the wellness programmes and sustainable features at Nihi Sumba.



Nihi Sumba has a villa to suit every guest's needs. If you are a solo traveller, consider residing in ‘Marangga’, Nihi Sumba’s most intimate hideaway. With undisturbed views that look out at the Indian Ocean, this villa contains a private garden, outdoor bed, grand soaking tub, and dining table. Nihi share, ‘At the foot of the property with panoramic views of the Indian ocean is a private cliffside bale. Inside the private bale is a king sized day bed that can be appropriated for any number of uses: catered lunches during the day, massages at sunset and even made up in bed linens and canopy netting as a romantic seaside bedroom for sleeping at night. Each Marangga has its own private plunge pool, outdoor shower and dining area’.

Travelling as a pair? Nihi Sumba’s ‘Raja Mandaka’ villa might be for you. Nihi describe this villa as such, ‘The main house features a freestanding master bedroom with a lap pool and cold plunge pool, a full second bedroom with en-suite bathroom, a library, living room, an indoor dining room, and a fully equipped kitchen. The vast outdoor entertaining space includes a deck, dining, daybeds, and a covered lounge. It offers the most exquisite view of the coast, with the feeling that you can step out onto the ocean’. For larger groups, the ‘Wamoro Estate’ could accommodate four people. This jungle hideaway is tucked away in the trees, and has a private lounge and large infinity swimming pool. This is a four bedroom estate, with spectacular unimpeded views of Nihiwatu beach. For a full list of villas, check out the Nihi Sumba website.



There are lots of options for activities at Nihi Sumba, in water or on land. The water activities include, but aren’t limited to, jet-skiing, snorkelling, kite surfing, stand up paddle boarding, and boat cruises. Guests also have the option to join in swimming with horses on Nihiwatu beach, when the swell is low and high tide is waning. Nihi outline this activity as such, ‘Down at the stables our horsemen will match you up with a horse fitted with a bareback pad for grip and comfort, and lead you down to the water in front of the Boathouse. The horses love to cool off in the water; it is a wonderful feeling to be on their backs as they wade, splash, and play weightlessly in the ocean. When the swell causes their hooves to leave the ground and they start to swim a little you feel yourself float momentarily above their backs, it’s quite exhilarating!’

If land activities are more appealing to you, Nihi offer various options. We love the sound of the blue waterfall trek, or the sunset beach horse ride. One of their most popular excursions is the Wanukaka river adventure, where guests ‘float past riverbank village life on a paddle board or in a canoe, with the occasional water buffalo sighting! This scenic adventure through Sumbanese river culture provides a glimpse into everyday living. It starts with a 30-minute scenic drive that descends through the Wanukaka Valley, and upon reaching the river, guests will receive paddle gear, instructions, and be escorted toward the ocean by guides. The adventure concludes with a picnic snack and panoramic view of rice fields and the beach’.



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Emma Dahl
Luxiders Magazine