Paris Guide | Best Sustainable Places In The City Of Love



Paris is the city of love. But not only that. Paris is embracing an eco-friendly future with a goal of carbon neutrality by 2050, it isn’t just the city itself committing to greener goals. Nestled in the infrastructure, amongst the bustling streets are hotels and restaurants bustling with innovation. With a focus on the slow and natural: Welcome to sustainable Paris.


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The City of Paris is mobilizing its innovation ecosystem to find new responses to climate issues. Numerous programmers are being launched each month in Paris to speed up the development of innovative solutions that can contribute to the energy and ecological transition.

The Paris Climate Plan is an opportunity to examine possible future innovations. Prepare for them and to ensure that they will help to attain the City’s climate-related goals. The city aims to be carbon neutral, or close to it, by 2050. Its goal is to one day transition to 100% renewable energy. Therefore, Paris is investing in various projects and policies to thrust the city toward its green goals.

It is not only the city itself which is looking towards a greener future. Various tourist hotspots throughout Paris are embracing a focus on natural, local cuisine and slow consumption. Here are some of the most beautiful places with a sustainable future at their heart. Join us on our long walk through the city. A three-day trip where we discovered the most interesting and sustainable places in the French capital, which surprised us in every way.



175 Rue de Charonne, 75011 Paris  

Built-in 2015, the Hotel Eden Lodge celebrates cutting-edge ecological innovations. From LED Lighting to purified air, the Eden lodge combines consciousness with a love of luxury. A true retreat into nature, the Hotel’s wooden infrastructure and forest views encourage calm tranquillity to your stay. It isn’t just a beautiful space; the building represents a new focus on sustainability. Hotel Eden Lodge was the first zero-carbon house in Paris, demonstrating the team’s true commitment to an eco-friendly future. A treasure trove of wood, exquisite design and an inner jungle in the centre of the city where you can not only relax, but also see that a better future is possible.


30 Rue Jean Mermoz, 75008 Paris                                           

A tribute to slow living.: Nuage is a focus on a new take on luxury. Representing an escape from the bustling Paris, it is simple, and minimalist, a focus on the customer rather than an unnecessary extravagance. 

The concept of Nuage surrounds “slow living”. It is about ease and practicality. The rooms don’t have desks but loungers or hanging armchairs to curl up with a book or bite into a homemade snack. Natural materials and soft hues make the ambience. The hotel also specializes in sound insulation to ensure an atmosphere of peace. 

Our room in the attic gave us a breathtaking view over the rooftops of the city, with the Eiffel Tower in the background. On the pillow, a card read "this room has been prepared by Mona”. A recognition of work and the workers. At breakfast, design and croissants with local cheeses. Delicacies to enjoy a new day.



80 Rue de Charonne, 75011 Paris

The waiting list for Septime is a testament to its ingenuity. Contemporary, innovative, with a focus on local products, Septime is a hotspot for both tourists and locals. Vegetables are celebrated throughout Septime’s menu, with over 80% of their menu focused on the local products. No dish is boring. Each is imbued with founder Bertrand Grébaut’s signature flair and passion. 

At Septime, their commitment to sustainability goes beyond the menu. The Team actively participates in Mangeons Local, a movement to support local agriculture and the local economy. They are also members of Bon Pour Climat, reducing the carbon footprint of the hospitality sector.

The sommelier delighted us with an unbeatable selection of local organic wines that matched perfectly with each one of the exhausting dishes prepared to perfection and with an unbeatable presentation. Without a doubt, you can't visit Paris without enjoying the taste of Septime.


54 Rue de Paradis, 75010 Paris                      

Walking down Rue de Paradis, we find Sapid removing the nonsense of life to focus on the natural.

Savour the land. Enjoy the nomadic lifestyle. Perpetuate a taste in a lasting memory. Sapid minimises waste by cooking the ingredients as often as possible from head to foot in their perfect maturity. At Sapid, simplicity is natural, responsibility is in every dish, love is everywhere. 

Every day they offer a lively cuisine of fresh products with original flavours. They work hand in hand with producers, market gardeners, farmers and seafood artisans who are committed to sustainable and careful farming. Their recipes reflect the taste of nature. To do so, they select the best ingredients, chosen in the heart of their respective seasons in their preferred regions.

To end, we need to highlight their know-how and all the techniques, from dehydration to fermentation, without forgetting the right combination to better reveal the asperity of the products and their character.


11 Rue Dupin                      

Rustic, wooden warmth greets you as you enter L'Épi Dupin’s doors. The restaurant’s focus on ecological and locavore philosophy has never been more relevant. The menu celebrates locally sourced fruit and vegetables from the Île-de-France region, treatment of organic waste, and water filtered on site. An ethos in tune with nature and "good living" is also conveyed by the food.

The menu prides itself on sourcing sustainable fish. Partnering with a fishmonger through the Alliance Produits de la Mer, L Epi Dupin searches for the freshest produce, with the lowest impact on the environment. This is a restaurant you should try yes or yes if you want to taste the real sustainable flavour of Paris.


40 Bd Haussmann, 75009 Paris                      

On the roof terrace of Galeries Lafayette, a new kind of restaurant has made its debut. Julien Sebbag is the artist, creating delicious plant masterpieces for our palettes. A 100% vegetarian restaurant, surrounded by an urban vegetable garden and a mixology bar focused on herbs and plants. 

 Julien Sebbag aims at making fruits and vegetables “sexy” and “fascinating”. To do so, the chef bets on quality organic, local, and seasonal vegetables and fruits. Several cooked ingredients in the plates or cocktails come straight from the urban kitchen gardens set in the surroundings and just above the restaurant.



104 rue d'Aubervilliers 

Wild or cultivated, wonders of form and colour Thierry Ardouin breathes a new perspective into seeds. Seeds become the story of Humanity, with Thierry detailing their importance alongside their beautiful portraiture. It is the story of these great travellers that this exhibition tells, mixing the artistic, scientific, educational, and ecological dimensions.

Explore Thierry Ardouin’s fascinating collection of photographs and immerse yourself within of Duy Anh Nhan Duc's interactive and poetic installations. Reconsider your perspective on Jade Tang’s seeded works. And escape within Fabrice Hyber's immense fresco.


12 Rue Philippe de Girard, 75010 Paris   

Located at the top of the 10th arrondissement, behind the Gare de l’Est, La Caserne is a place of innovation. A blend between the building’s past, with cobbled stone and the future innovation happening inside. The studio aids up-and-coming sustainable designers, with access to the latest technology and ideas. 

Its goal: to be part of a radical transformation in how French fashion works, encouraging a new generation of creators to work with sustainable materials; recycling and upcycling fabrics in their collections.

The studios and offices are available to young fashion start-ups selected by a jury. Currently, 40 young entrepreneurs, 25 from the fashion industry and 15 from the leather goods and accessories sector.


2 place Skanderbeg, 75019 Paris

A place of work, meetings, and knowledge sharing, le19M is an exceptional architectural structure created to showcase the savoir-faire of artisans and designers. It is the story of a unique centre bringing together workshops, an embroidery school, and la Galerie du 19M open to all.

The gallery designed by the GGVS studio celebrates a collective vision. Bringing together a community of artists, partner schools and solidarity actors, it is a space of colour and explosion of conversation.



13 Rue Oberkampf, 75011 Paris                

Paris hides some incredible talents. The Paris concept store, opened by WE ARE focuses on shining light on up-and-coming designers with sustainability in mind. This is the place to discover new ethical local manufacturing. A good pick for unusual, eye catching pieces.

Some highlights include MoÉ cosmetics Scrubbing carrot soap or The Walk With Me Kangaroo bag. The store is filled with conscious stylish designs for you to explore. 

If you are looking for local products made by Parisian designers, unique, imperfect, natural, kilometre products, this shop is a must on your visit to Paris. If you want to give Paris as a gift, here you will find small pieces by sustainable local creators.


40  Bd Haussmann, 75009 Paris                                        

Located in the heart of Paris, the department store is renowned worldwide as the icon of French elegance. With a panoramic rooftop terrace and an assortment of ethical brands to choose from, you will be lost within the (Re)Store for hours. (Re)Store is a new space dedicated to circular fashion that brings together vintage designs, responsible brands and innovative services. It offers everything from one-off pieces and eco-friendly products to luxury items lovingly recovered by second-hand fashion specialists. It also provides a range of services, notably enabling customers to drop off their old clothes for recycling. A great idea and a big example for other shopping centres to follow. 

We also recommend to visit the New-Generation Concept Store. From refillable cosmetics to reusable lunch boxes, this innovative selection of responsible lifestyle products –covering everything from fashion and beauty to home decor – gives everyone the opportunity to contribute to a more sustainable world, by limiting waste and adopting more responsible consumer habits.


+ All Images:
Jens Wittwer


+ Words: 
Emily Fromant & Belvis Soler