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The audience of podcasts is growing every year. It is always a great option to join this trend as you can learn many things in a practical way. You may be wondering where to start, here you will find the top 10 podcasts 2022 dedicated to empower women

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Many women are looking to improve control over their lives and feel prepared for anything. That's why, with the podcast trend, it is possible to empower women to manage their daily activities. Through different channels that are dedicated to sharing experiences many find the answers they need.

Start with this list of podcasts made by and for women:



Anney and Samantha created a space where it is possible to be part of a conversation about feminism and how it impacts every aspect of daily life. It was created in 2009 with a particular style where news and popular culture topics are touched with a feminist perspective. Also has environmental friendly content that could be useful to the public in several occasions. Within its episodes you can find titles about gender roles, female activists, human rights, mature content, among many others.



Sports Media enters a new era with this podcast. Focused on the stories of the incredible athletes in women's sports. This is a medium through which match results, competition commentary and player performance are communicated. Here you can hear all about what's behind the inspiration and success of each player. The host is two-time World Cup champion and Olympic gold medalist Kelly O'Hara, who welcomes other pioneers, Olympians and champions within various episodes. Clearly, this is an amazing resource that celebrates the efforts of many sportswomen.



This podcast uncovers the lives and journeys of women of color in the fashion industry. SWDYDA provides audiences who are interested in working in fashion with stories and guides to get started. This is a way to navigate different options for entering one of the most in-demand industries in the world. Here are talks on each area that relates to fashion, as well as the development of women's talents in each fashion city such as New York and Milan.



With new episodes every week, Michael Hobbes and Audrey Gordon, are dedicated to discussing health and weight loss topics. Busting all the myths behind dieting, this podcast is a great resource for information to create healthy and balanced eating habits. It is a reality that weight has always been a difficult conversation, not only for women but for all people. Therefore, one of the goals of the show is to end a lot of pressures from around and ourselves about body size.



Katy and Nathan, two childhood friends, are part of a conversation about powerful women in history. It is possible to make requests about the women you want to listen to and learn about. In an atmosphere of cocktails and fun, it is possible to understand everything that once was lived by the women of history who shaped what we know today.



For all women in the workplace, this podcast is the one. Ashley Milne is a pioneer in the world of podcasting. This show is dedicated to addressing and tackling all the issues a woman may face in the work environment. From social classes to childcare at work, these are topics that are not only explored but also questioned in many ways. This is a conversation that has worked for many women to share professional issues that they experienced, as well as many others around the world.



For 5 minutes a day, it is possible to know the story of iconic women who have marked different eras. Jenny Kaplan tells the anecdotes of women who are known and not so well in worldwide history. This podcast won the Wonder Media Network Award for originality and accuracy. This is a conversation that reflects the goals and accomplishments of several women through time who have definitely innovated and inspired the lives of many people.



This is a podcast designed to challenge the way people think about the clothes they wear. Tara Stewart as host discusses different topics about sustainable fashion and the climate crisis. This is a meeting point between fashion and environmental issues that can serve as a guide for all fans of the subject. In each episode you can listen to different tips for shopping for clothes, get clothing styles, hold fashion influencers accountable and understand the strategies of big brands to combat climate change.



Every friday a new episode of this podcast is aired. Created by the famous journalist Farfai Chideya, she reports the experiences of women of color in the political arena. Whether through specific economic, health, political or environmental events, the episodes are a way to understand the impact that women have on each one. Undoubtely this is a program that allows many women of color to raise their voices and heal. Some of the episodes even feature major public figures such as Dolores Huerta, an American labor leader and civil activist.



In the United States, 51% of the population is made up of women. So this podcast is aimed at this sector to talk about health, politics, art, economics, etc.. All this from a female point of view with a perspective that can be applied to more than one person. As host, Jesse King, discusses with experts about the most common problems of women in the country. In a variety of areas that ultimately apply to the international community. This podcast comes against the backdrop of the scenario where women are going to outnumber the male population in fifty years.


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