The Art Of Finding, Reusing And Restyling Vintage Furniture



Addressing the issue of mass production, mindless consuming, and suggesting ideas of second-hand or vintage shopping, be it for home decor or closet, we get two groups of people; the first one denies the idea of sitting on the already used sofa, while the second group supports such sustainable action with both hands down.


It is not that we are going to discuss, whether the latter group is fully responsible and conscious of their choices. Instead, the main purpose that stands behind educating yourself on the impact production have on the environment might and should affect those choices. Another reason why the second group can often be seen on flea markets, antique malls strolls, maybe year after year for that mid-century desk or Dorset Chair, is because such a way of home furnishing provides uniqueness and is itself an amusing activity.

“Antiques are generally categorized to be objects aged 100 years or more, while anything older than 20 years is considered vintage. However, decorating with antiques and vintage furnishings is the same—blending the old world with a sense of the new,” says Veranda Magazine.



To make the process of adding vintage to the house, the first step should always be thoughtful research. Understanding of epochs, colour schemes, potential placement and the list of desired pieces (because it can either be the main piece of furniture or a simple accessory), would create a clear image, and the search would be much more pleasant. Thus, it is crucial to observe the process of research as a tool that not only would develop knowledge and vision, yet would set the base for what is called “a good taste”. 

After the vision of the future owning pieces is established comes the time for the actual search and that could be either done online thought such websites as One King Lane, Jayson Home , Chairishor through strolling around flea markets and antique stores. During those strolls, and especially online purchasing, one shall keep in mind to seek gently used pieces; however, if a chair has a minor scratch on a leg, such could be fixed easier than, for example, worn out, ragged leather seat. 



When the pieces are purchased, comes the time to make a decision in which room that collected treasure would be presented in its best composition. Trying to move an item around might be useful, yet keep in mind to try not only the classic purpose of that coffee table, but also unexpected ones. Thus, a narrow wooden coffee table could be used as a place to display artworks in a hallway, and a sofa chair could, instead of being part of the living room set, take a spot by the window in the bedroom. In general, if we see a room that has both modern pieces and vintage finds, such room would always reveal more of an eclectic character than the one that is furnished in a strict minimal or modern style. Understanding the concept of an eclectic mix of pieces is the key to styling vintage furniture. The further the concept is from the way it was used in its previous decades, the more interesting appeal it shows. Shortly, one shall keep furnishing with a sense of irony, sense of light-heartedness and intrigue behind actions that decided to put that floral painting into the bathroom. Just beginning experimenting with vintage furnishing you, after researching styles and famous statement designs, probably noticed that mid-century pieces could be much easier implemented into modern realities than, for example, Louis XIV style chair. However, not to convince you, if you have an absolute adoration to a certain time period, we simply suggest being assured that the antique piece you buy has all your love and will be used not only as a museum exhibition but an item of service.

While the cost of antique vintage decor is constantly on the rise, as more and more people see value in them, it is important to remember that a quality, unique vintage find could be a statement in the room, and the rest of the furniture could be picked or arrange to fit the idea of highlighting that Baughman style velvet sofa. Finding pieces of history, style, and quality could require time. More than that, it would need that intent glare that desires and knows how to differ cheap imitation of an artwork from a genuine one that deserves to be the part of the living room. However, not to be worried, such glare could be developed over time of antique markets visits, self-education on the topic, and constant search.



   +  Words: Maria Kosmann, Contributor at Luxiders Magazine

Maria Kossman is a creative writer, essayist and blogger based in Edmonton, Canada. Passionate about sustainable living, minimalism, traveling, and anything antique, she focuses on advocating life that is inspiring, mindful and elegant.