Ruinart Maison 1729 From Reims to Berlin | Art, Champagne and Culinary



The long anticipated pop-up "Ruinart Maison 1729 -From Berlin to Reims" will take place during Gallery Weekend in Berlin, Germany between April 27th and May 2nd 2023. The event will bring together champagne, art and food in a culture and activity filled weekend. Ruinart awarded the "Carte Blanche" this year to French artist Eva Jospin. Her own interpretation of the Ruinart Champagne House is entitled "Promenade[s]" and is a unique art installation inspired by the richness of Champagne's terroir, including drawings, embroidery and sculpture.


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Since 2008, Ruinart has invited an internationally renowned artist to visualize his or her own interpretation of Ruinart Champagne every year. After collaborations with - among others - Jaume Plensa, Liu Bolin, Vik Muniz, and David Shrigley, Ruinart awarded the "Carte Blanche" this year to French artist Eva Jospin. Her artwork will be on display at Ruinart Maison 1729 in Berlin from 27 April to 2 May.

"I am interested by the fact that we need to create false worlds to understand the real one and this collaboration is a very good example." - Eva Jospin. 



The exhibition in Berlin’s Amtsalon, featuring the artwork of Eva Jospin, is set to be the center point of Ruinart Maison 1729.  Born in Paris in 1975, French artist Eva Jospin learned to paint at École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris. After graduating, she made a transition to working on sculptures and over time, developed her practice to focusing on the themes fantasy and nature, using cardboard as her main material to portray her recurring motif of the forest. With her installation "Panorama" 2016 in the Louvre, she became known worldwide.

Eva Jospin has created an installation entitled "Promenade(s)" for Ruinart, an interesting mix of drawings, embroideries and sculptures that tell of the diversity of the terroir in Champagne and is informed by the artist's many visits to Ruinart.

“Everything started from the idea of the promenade in the Champagne landscape. Discovering Reims, its cathedral, its monuments, going down to the Ruinart cellars, tasting the champagne with the cellar master, understanding all the human know-how and all the patience and attention to take care of the vineyard” - declares Eva Jospin.


Eva Jospin herself describes the work created for the exhibition as “an entirely new universe” and she acknowledges the importance of creating a false world to understand the real world. Like with her previous work, the pieces created for the gallery exhibition at Ruinart will also use cardboard as the main material, using layering and stacking techniques to create beautiful miniature 3D versions of the landscapes and architectural structures surrounding the Ruinart vineyard. Each piece has been handcrafted, making the production a long six months process to complete. One of the pieces on show will reference the Ruinart biodiversity project, where they have replaced vines with over 25,000 trees at their Taissy Vineyard. 


“The forest is so wide and represents so much: the brain, myth, fairy tales, psychoanalysis, among others. There’s also the fact that it exists in the air and in the ground at the same time. Half of the forest is unseen because it’s underground, and we as humans are only here because plants and trees allow us to breathe” - Eva Jospin.


The fantastic, as well as sustainable, artworks presented in Berlin will then continue to travel around the world, including Art Basel and Frieze New York.




“I worked in my Parisian studio to create sculptures and panels of various sizes all crafted by hand. This work took more than six months of production using the wide range of materials like cardboard, paper, ink, fabric and a whole range of techniques that I was able to develop.” - Eva Jospin.



In addition to the exhibition of Eva Jospin's impressive artworks at the Amtsalon (Kantstraße 79, Berlin), guests can enjoy an evening "Food For Art" dinner created by Sophia Rudolph at the Lovis Restaurant from 27 April to 2 May. Two further highlights complement the experience: a scent and aroma workshop with the Norwegian olfactory researcher Sissel Tolaas and a culinary masterclass with Sophia Rudolph, head chef of the Lovis Restaurant.



Art meets gastronomy: the chef of the Lovis Restaurant, Sophia Rudolph, has created an original 5- course menu especially for her exclusive "Food For Art" dinner. Her inspirations are the magical works of artist Eva Jospin as well as the art of the Ruinart champagne making.



In combination with the "Food for Art" dinner, those interested can book a culinary journey with Sophia Rudolph or experience a surprising fragrance and aroma workshop with Sissel Tolaas. The Norwegian Berliner by choice enjoys a worldwide reputation as a scent researcher. The masterclasses are inspiration and pleasure at the same time.



The favorite place is the Ruinart Bar. Guests can relax and end the day with a glass of Ruinart with friends.


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