Stress Detox tips for body, emotions, mind and soul

Life is a beautiful journey which has its fair share of ups and downs. We live in a fast world full of environmental and emotional stress, a world where technology is trying to take over. In this age of fast life what we all haplessly look for is a real balance and calmness. A conscious and clear life is a blessed life; and while we haplessly run from pillar to post looking for that perfect equity in life, we hardly realize that if we do some detox cleanse from all the stress in our everyday life, it would bring about a sea of difference.

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Our Body, Emotions, Mind and Soul are all interconnected. To live a healthy and balanced happy life full of joy,  magic and synchronicities, you have to stress detox all these fours aspects. It is no secret that regular practice of meditation, exercise and mindfulness can help in immeasurable ways towards keeping our mental and physical health sound.

It is also necessary that you feed your mind and body with what it likes, and what is good. Moreover, once you follow these simple detox cleanse rules, you would see that is perfect synergy in all aspects of your life –  Body, Emotions, Mind and Soul!

Stress Detox Tips for Body Cleanse

Eat healthy. Eating heathy, is the foremost rule to abide by if you want to maintain a healthy, and stress-free lifestyle; Studies again have proved that the gut and the mind are always related, and not to mention, the healthier you eat, the better your physique. Moreover, you don’t have to subscribe to month long food detox deliveries for results, you can do it with little changes here and there.

To start with, hydration is probably the best body detox you can ever have. Since your body depends on water, you should make sure you take care of it the first thing every morning. Start your day with waking up and drinking a glass of warm water with some lemon juice in it. It sets up your liver to turn into detox mode.

Include lots of green veggies, some fruits, some protein and ample fibres in your diet. Cut down on white sugar, caffeine and regular intake of alcohol, instead keep a bottle of homemade detox water. Along with meat, fish and eggs, treat yourself with some probiotics too. A little bit of natural sugar everyday is good. Also, whenever possible, try and eat seasonal and locally produced food.

Also, go for a regular health checkup, and whenever necessary, take needed supplements and vitamins like; vitamin D, Omega Fish Oil, Calcium, Iron, and other deficient minerals that your body needs.


Make exercise. To detox stress trough exercise, it not only changes your physique for good but has a tremendous impact on your mental health as well.  When you exercise or do yoga your body releases chemicals such as endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, and testosterone. These “happy hormones” helps maintain a good neurochemical balance that results in a positive feeling in the body. Endorphin are a natural painkiller, testosterone helps metabolism, muscle growth and libido, and helps in reducing depression. Serotonin controls your mood, sleep and appetite while dopamine is a pleasurable habit-forming hormone.


Get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation is a sad reality. In our hyper-driven society, it is important to make sure you have good sleep hygiene. Practice regular bedtime; keep away technology at least two hours before setting yourself for a sound sleep. Figure out how many hours you really require to wake up fresh and set your schedule accordingly.

Stress Detox Tips for Mind Cleanse

Keep your mind active. Keeping the mind active is essential for a life free of stress. And the idle mind is the house of a lot of negative energy. So make new ways to keep it happy and busy, make a to do list and carry out your days accordingly- it works wonders, and keeps you from procrastinating. Read books  regularly, it is becoming a forgotten art, but very essential. Learn new things – maybe a new dance form, a new craft or a new dish, but this little effort to keep learning helps in detoxing body and mind of all negative energies.


Vent your mind. There are times when you need to get out what’s troubling your mind. Writing the thoughts that are troubling you or venting them to a friend will help you release tension. Journaling can help you unload of your negative thoughts. The objective here is not to find a solution but to let your emotions out and get rid of them.


Find a job you enjoy. Statistics say that an average human being spends 40% of his life working. You don’t want to spend such a large chunk of your life at a place you don’t like, doing something that you hate. Most people don’t like their jobs but do it just for money. A little open-mindedness and courage can help you think out of the box and find a job you truly love.


Stress Detox Tips for Emotional Cleanse

Pamper yourself. Love yourself, and treat yourself good. Detox all your negative emotions and stress with a calming bath everyday you come home, gift yourself a relaxing massage every month without any guilt.

Light those sentence candles and incense, put on relaxing music, open your windows to let fresh air flow in – these little things go a long way in maintaining your body-mind synergies. Take a little walk in the morning or evening, try to fill your mind with all good memories and positive visualizations during that time.


Schedule Time & Space without Technology. In a world filled with technological distractions, it’s important to get into a self-reflection mode to gain mental clarity. The best way to do that is by detaching yourself completely from any electronic and social demands. Going for a walk without your phone, disconnecting with social media for a day, creating a no-electronic space in your home can help you achieve the mind detox you require.


Enjoy sex. Sex with your partner has much more benefits than you expected – it helps in immune function, lowers blood pressure, reduces acne and promotes better sleep. It also eases stress and anxiety and decreases the risk of heart disease. So there you go, never shy away from making love, and make sure you enjoy it.


Liven up your life, go out, travel and enjoy nature.  Meet new people, make time for your friends, and socialise once in a while. Visit get togethers, or throw a small party some weekend and try being the host. Listen to music while doing your daily activities, i.e., while cooking or doing chores, because music has calming powers. Also, laugh a lot (buy tickets to a stand up comedy show, or just watch funny youtube videos if you need to.)

Stress Detox Tips for Soul Cleanse

Meditate and practice Mindfullness. Start with 20 minutes of meditation a day, and try to increase the time little by little, until it becomes a lifestyle. Deep meditation activates 9 key areas of the brain, aiding in less stress, more happiness, peaceful sleep, better and logical thinking, among other things. Mindfulness is directly linked to the lowering of stress hormones. Let your body and mind relax; dim the lights, light a candle or burn some incense. Take deep breaths, and all your energies into concentrating on the calmness around. You will, with each passing day, find improvement in your practice, and realize that you are attaining deeper depths, and in the process, attaining a calmer persona.

Practice gratitude, pray, nurture relationships with your family, forgive and give love. These simple changes and practices in life would help a great deal in detoxing all stress and worries of life, and maintain the balance between your body, mind and soul.


Remove negative people. You need to get rid of toxic, self-interested, cruel, or passive aggressive people from your life. If you are in a relationship with someone who fails to understand your emotional state or perspective, it is important to part ways and create boundaries. Negative people tend to make others anxious, depressed, or make you not like yourself. To detox your soul, you should do what you love and be around people who make you happy.


Clear out Clutter. Physical clutter often results in a spike in anxiety and stress. Keeping life simple is essential to a detoxed soul. One way to do it is by minimizing your possessions. Also, creating a safe and clean work environment and a living space with minimum distractions will help you a peaceful soul.


So, there you go. We discussed the top tips for having a detoxed body, emotions, mind and soul. These four pillars of our very being should be taken care of with utmost sincerity if you want to achieve your set life goals and live a long, healthy, and happy life


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