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Studio Jux: the purple man who created a fashion brand


How great is the sustainable world! The more we investigate, the more it inspires us … and the list of brands that get on the train of ecological and ethical creativity seems to reproduce in seconds. That makes us think of a beautiful future for us … and for all our readers, and best of all, for the planet!


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A purple, serene and temperate man changed the life of the founder of Studio Jux, Jitske Lundgren, a fashion designer who studied Marketing and Fashion at the Institut français de la Mode in Paris.



But sometimes, in this beautiful sustainable world that is developing outside the rush, it is difficult to find fashion designers who adapt to the aesthetics of Luxiders -avantgarde, with a certain athleisure dye and a strong  background committed to the environment and respect for people. Other times, on the contrary, creativity knocks at our door and we find brands like Studio Jux, a sustainable, high-fashion label for men and women with a very transparent fair trade code, an emerging brand with a lot of talent.



A very inspirational story

Studio Jux was founded by Jitske Lundgren and Carlien Helmink in 2008 with the belief that fashion should be fun and enjoyable for everyone: for the designers, the people working in factories and customers wearing and using the product. The story is very beautiful.

With the slogan My Nepali Tailor is a RockStar, Studio Jux offers an handshake program that allows customers to meet the makers of their garments via virtual profiles on the label’s website.


During a trip to India, a purple man changed Jitske Lundgrens’ (1980, founder and designer at studio Jux) ideas about the fashion industry. The Indian man was responsible for dyeing the fabrics. He stood in a bath filled with purple dye and his skin had the exact same purple colour. This was not her idea of fashion being fun. Not for the people making, but also the people wearing the item -she says. She decided to start studio Jux and do it her way: with a positive impact on people and the planet. Lundgren, who studied Marketing and Fashion at the Institut français de la Mode in Paris, lived in Kathmandu (Nepal) for serveral years and opened the doors to a factory in 2008. She describes her designs as minimalistic with an eye for patterns and statement details.
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Carlien Helmink (1983, Managing Director at studio Jux) travelled India and Nepal in 2008 and she was struck by the poverty and pollution caused by the fashion industry. I loved fashion but working in such a damaging industry, was not my idea of being successful. She worked as a volunteer for over a year before officially teaming up with Lundgren. Helmink studied Integrated Communication Management and has a Masters degree in Communication.


Studio Jux and its RockStars

The sustainable, high-fashion label for men and women offers an alternative to fast fashion, focused on maximizing social economic impact while its minimizing environmental footprint. With fair-trade principles at the forefront of Jux’s brand identity, each garment is finely crafted by Nepali tailors under fair labour conditions, monitored by the Fair Wear Foundation. Of course, every garment is made by new eco-friendly materials, high-quality natural, organic or recycled materials.

Studio Jux offers an alternative to fast fashion, focused on maximising social-economic impact and minimising environmental impact. We are dedicated to minimising our footprint as much as possible.

With the slogan My Nepali Tailor is a RockStar, Studio Jux offers an handshake program that allows customers to meet the makers of their garments via virtual profiles on the label’s website.


In addition to its collection, Studio Jux offers in Passports other sustainable, ethical and beautifully designed fashion at fair and affordable prices. We can for example buy jeans from recycled yarn, a dress made of ‘vegan silk’ and the most delicious organic chocolate.


The studio Jux collection is made in its own factory, women empowerment projects and social enterprises that are based in Kathmandu, Nepal. This means we can ensure safe and healthy working conditions for our employees and minimise environmental impact at the same time. This also ensures that every single piece is handmade with love and dedication. Being the owner of the factory, we ensure that a studio Jux supervisor is present at the factory to guide and support the team.



Studio Jux just have one store in Amsterdam  (Ceintuurbaan 252) where they offer their favourite guilt-free goods. Next to its own collection, you’ll find a wide assortment of well-designed products that are made sustainably and ethically. We can also buy this goods in its online shop or in more than 80 stores in 16 countries where the label is offered. We strongly recommend that you look at its website, because there are really precious things.

Studio Jux won the Ethical Fashion Award in Paris (2010) and the Green Fashion Competition (2012), an initiative of Amsterdam Fashion Week and the Dutch ministry of Economics. In 2013 the foundation won the ASN World Prize in the category ‘fair trade’. Studio Jux was rewarded with an investment of Village Capital in 2014 and won the Social Enterprise Audience award by Elsevier Juist in 2016.


+ info: Studio Jux


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