Sustainable Fashion Trends: Summer Hits


Summer is around the corner. Ouuu Yeahhh! You decided it is time to look for new sustainable fashion brands to be part of your new lifestyle. Yes, you know the choice to be or not to be sustainable is no longer an option. Good decition! But, where to look? Which labels should you trust? How to buy consciously? We have a tip for you! In order to shop the most beautiful and trendy fashion hits of this summer, do it clever. Go ahead and look at the sustainable fashion trends for Spring Summer 2019. It will help you to use your garments longer than never. 


The Spring Summer 2019 season heads ambitiously towards an expressive, enthusiastic future. Visionaries speak about vegetarian meat, animal alternatives, matte black for the classics, the new formal, hiking the new yoga, the inside out beauty and a new seasonal versatility. Responsability and respect for the environment drive appealing garments. 

Spring Summer 2019 also reveals the hand behind the art and the design, highlighting the beauty in making things, and valuing the moment of creativity.

Materials and patterns strive for originality, bering off into humorous offshoots or verging on eerie. There is an express Desire for freedom, for unique looks that tell of the present, and reveal an incurably optimistic future. 

We ask our friends from Greenshowroom and Ethical Fashion Show Berlin, the largest platform for sustainable fashion in Europe, if not worldwide. “The SS19 collections by the exhibitors of Greenshowroom and Ethical Fashion Show Berlin are an homage to the vast open spaces awaiting us outside of the cities and their invigorating energy and freedom” – they say. 

We will find typical elements -natural materials, harmonious colour palettes, folklore details and traditional craftmanship techniques-. The collections will oscillate between loud and quiet, strong and delicate, subtle and striking. Whether influenced by the close cooperation with artisan communities around the world and the wish to preserve traditional craftmanship techniques or inspired by the uniqueness of nature – the SS19 collections by the exhibitors of tradeshow duo Greenshowroom and Ethical Fashion Show Berlin are very much conveying a desire for summer, faraway places and freedom.


Sustainable Clothing

Sanikai is a Switzerland’s ethical & vegan fashion brand that represents style & quality in a conscious way. Founded in Spring 2015 in Zurich by Sanaz Wasser and Kai Wasser, Sanikai works on a basis of responsibility for our only planet and the love of natural or recycled materials fused with Swiss perfectionism. Timeless design with the highest ethics & quality demands are the heart of Sanikai’s philosophy. 

Cus is crafted with conscience. The 9 principles that they follow on a daily basis to make their sustainable garments are the guidelines and the frame they work in: made in Barcelona, transparency and traceavility, sustainably sourced, organic, recycling, natural dyes, socially responsible, eco-certified and low-carbon footprint. “We believe that real luxury comes from being part of all the process of creation” – they say.


Graciela Huam is our daily dose of knit inspiration. Its design is characterized by the unique combination of superb quality, innovative craftsmanship, sustainable lifestyle and traditional techniques handmade of knitwear in Peru, using only the most exclusive raw materials include Peruvian Alpaca, baby Alpaca, and the sought-after Pima Cotton.

Maydinchyna is a political, environmental and social enterprise that has chosen fashion to transform the anthropocentric business model to an ecocentric one.  The company creates ladies and men’s designer clothing that is ethically and certifiably produced.


Goodsociety is a “must” for jeans lovers. All its jeans are made of 100% finest organic cotton in Italy. The quality is top, top. We also love Goodsociety because this company gives a quarter of its corporate profits to the SA Foundation. The organization provides support to young girls, who have been forced into prostitution or become victims of human trafficking. 

Movinun is an urban wear brand from Ljubljana, not for those who belong to mainstream, but for those who are searching for pieces with a story and for some social action. The company creates beautiful and timeless pieces that we can treasure for many years. The compnay is proud of its carefully handcrafted details than make each piece rather unique.

Re.Sustain Clothing offers a sustainably sourced and manufactured collection of contemporary mens' and womenswear across T-shirts, sweatshirts, and wovens (including trousers, jackets and tunic) made with organic cotton certified 100% GOTS. Organic cotton garments are better for the environment, better for textile workers, better for farmers and better for you.

Suite 13. Timeless and original. Clean and natural: those are the hallmarks that distinguish Spanish label Suite 13 and the brand is also continuing to stay true to these principles for this coming Spring Summer season. Vibrant colours meet neutral tones that conjure memories of Mediterranean landscapes. At the focus of the SS19 collection is a print that references female beauty as artistic sketches of different women’s bodies. Natural materials such as linen, most of which are produced in Spain, are turned into elegant, purist styles in small workshops in Barcelona.


Sustainable Bags

Alexandra Svendsen offers wonderful bags and purses are entirely made of bio-certified german leather. Each and every element of these bags comes from Germany. Only a few metal parts originate from Italy. 

Harolds has a clear vision:  To create sustainable bags with a timeless design and exquisite craftsmanship. All the leather hides are leftovers – i.e. waste from food production. When it comes to cotton fabrics, Harolds makes sure they use yarn of certified organic quality. 


Sustainable shoes

Hobo Shoes are particularly durable companions for adventurous people - stylish, dynamic and extraordinary. Sustainability is a big topic for Hobo. That's why the company relyes on vegetable and chrome-free tanned leather, recycled soles and a fair production in Portugal.

Ray Musgo Sustainable Footwear is a Spanish brand founded with the goal of combining eco-friendly design and comfort. Shoe craftsmen, designers and environmental consultants, they all work together in a way to sustainability.


Sustainable Jewellery

Wild Fawn Jewellery uses recycled silver and Fairtrade gold to make its jewellery so it can be made and worn with a clean conscience. The gold used to make each piece of jewellery is produced fairly and transparently. Buying Fairtrade gold helps to build miners futures by investing in social projects such as new schools and healthcare, and most importantly,  to make their own way to prosperity. 

+ info: Greenshowroom / Ethical Fashion Show Berlin