The Sustainable Guide to Prague



Sometimes it might be harder to be mindful and make conscious choices while traveling. That’s when we come into play. We already covered Amsterdam and Naples, this time we would love to talk about Prague.


Are you planning a trip to Prague any time soon? No? Well you should because not only it is one of the most beautiful cities, but also because Prague is becoming more and more aware of the importance of sustainability. Today we want to tell you about our favourite places in this amazing, historical city that we can swear by. We will cover some amazing slow fashion spots, local design showrooms and of course places where you can try lots of delicious food.

 Just remember no matter where you are, try to choose local, independent businesses as with every purchase you make, you support something.



Smetanovo Nábřeží 334/4                                

This magical place right with the best view to the Prague Castle and just few minutes’ walk from Charles Bridge couldn’t possibly be in the better location. Place where people with interest in art, culture and design meet. Under one roof you can find the gallery, Deelive Design Store, which offers the work of some of the best young Czech fashion and interior designers and stylish Cafe&Bistro where you can take a little break have and have a great coffee.

Our favourite part of the SmetanaQ is the shared showroom on the first floor where you can find the work of all 15 designers which have an atelier in the building. The general, minimalistic lounge allows people to meet with the designers and see how their pieces are coming to life. It is an inspiring place and to name just a few, you can find work from brands like ODIVI / SOBJE, NAUT, DANIELA PEŠKOVÁ and trust us there are worth checking out.


Bartolomějská 1                                              

Another store where you can find amazing local design pieces, belongs to the well-established Czech brand Leeda. In the concept store with the same name you can find not only Leeda’s apparel but also curated accessories and jewellery pieces from other local designers. Brand is known for the minimalistic design, using high quality materials and the pieces are ethically made in Czech Republic. You can find the boutique right in the Old Town district of Prague and it is even possible to rent some of the garments so if you have a special event planned, you know where to go.


Korunní 9                                                          

Ethical fashion. Lifestyle. Health and beauty. This independent concept store that is specialising in original home accessories and sustainable fashion. Nila is known for its passion for design, respect to the nature and people, and for the desire to bring absolutely new shopping experience to the customer. You can find many hand-picked brands from all over the world of the best quality and sustainably made, vegan and fair-trade products, biocosmetic simply anything that you can think of while shopping mindfully.


Řipská 11                   

Just few steps away from Nila Store you can find our new favourite vintage store that opened just few weeks ago. Not only the interior, amazing and typical scent and the overall design of the stores is one of the best we ever saw but most importantly it is full of great carefully selected pieces of great quality and amazing materials like cashmere, cotton, silk and many more. Clothes that is meant to last. Get ready though, because you won’t leave empty handed.



Mánesova 76                 


Heaven. Cruelty free brands. Organic ingredients. Recyclable packaging. Professional make up artists. Workshops. Certifications. Sustainability. Do we even need to say more? New favourite place of every conscious make up lover. This place is not just a shop, it is a showroom and educational centrum, available for everyone interested in clean cosmetics. Space is full of plants, wood, metal, accessories made by Czech designers and of course – make up.


Římská 35                                                   


Sometimes exploring different cities and travelling in general can get really hectic and we forget about actually taking some time off while on holiday. So, it is nice to slow down a little bit, grab a book and relax. It is time to visit our favourite Prague’s bookstore, the name says it all. BOOK THERAPY. You can find finely selected books about design, architecture, fashion, lifestyle, self-development books and many more.


Veverkova 5             


If design is your thing and you are currently on the lookout for original furniture pieces, we recommend to visit this cosy showroom that belongs to the successful Czech architect and designer Helena Dařbujánová, who took part in exhibitions and trade fairs in Paris, London, Milan and Shanghai and won five Edida international awards. The production is manufactory using current sources and presenting the best work of craftsmen’s hands from region of Czech Republic and using top quality, locally sourced materials. Her motto is ‘return of poetry into the life through designs’ and we think that is all that needs to be said to describe her designs.



It is time to eat now. We selected few places that are worth trying but Prague itself is full of delicious food.


Rašínovo nábřeží 34                                           

Shop and bistro with a wide range of vegan and vegetarian delicacies. Lots of healthy and tasty vegetable dishes and salads. You can also buy some delicious vegan grocery for later and besides that, Herbivore is an eco-pharmacy and offers some natural cosmetic products.


Nádražní 102                         


Vegan restaurant and café with the best vegan foie gras in Prague. Modern, plant-based cuisine that also have some authentic local wines and beer on the menu.


Slezská 62                            

Probably the most famous vegan bistro and café in Prague that serves everything from breakfast to lunch and dinner. Must have is definitely their vegan version of Svíčková, which is one of the most typical Czech dishes. It is full of very welcoming people and you can also just stop by for vegan cake and coffee.

Now not all of us are on can be vegans and we believe that as long as the products are good quality, locally sourced and seasonal it belongs to our guide. We were thinking for a while which places to recommend as the best to try some local cuisine and then it hit us. We might not be the experts, but we know someone who is! Would you like to see Prague through the eyes of local food heroes? Then you can’t miss out on this amazing food tour that Taste of Prague has to offer. They will make sure you’ll try the best of the Czech cuisine, made of local and seasonal ingredient and you can even learn something about the history of Czech Republic, daily Prague’s life and simply have fun along the way as the tours are being held by an amazing people.                          


+ Words: Kristina Kasparova

Kristina Kasparova is a creative nomad, free spirit seeking real conversations and inspiring stories. Czech made, she is currently based in London, focused on more ethical fashion and sustainable life.

Instagram: @kristinakasparova