The Most Important ‘Sustainable Influencers’ on Instagram



Some you will know well, others less so. But what these individuals all have in common is a popular Instagram presence in promoting sustainability. Broaden your minds during the current lock-down period with these seven sustainable influencers.





Best known for dedicating her life to the study of chimpanzees, Goodall has aided the progression of environmental science and behavioral psychology vastly over the course of her six-decade career span, having drawn attention to the profound emotional connection between humans and chimpanzees. Her Instagram is as you would imagine: a collated assemblage of professionally shot images of animals (90% chimps) and the environment, paired with educational captions.  




Renowned as the 17-year old who pioneered the global school strike #fridaysforfuture in 2018 at the mere age of fifteen, you would have to be living under a rock not to know Thunberg. If Trump mocked her, she is certainly making an impact. She directly calls for system change to address the current climate crisis and in doing so is literally making waves, having sailed across the Atlantic to the 2019 UN Climate Action Summit in order to avoid detrimental flight pollution. Love her or hate her, she is the school girl boldly addressing what is being ignored by the world leaders, which frankly puts us all to shame. 



@finnharries @jackharries

I feel guilty for lumping these two brothers together (something they must get a lot being twins) because while they make a powerful duo, they are rightfully making marks on the world as strong individuals. Both are environmental activists, using their influential Instagram presence to point their followers (a humble 1.3 and 1.4 million each, no less) in the right direction. Both use Instagram as a means of promote their passions through artistic imagery, Finn with more of a focus on design and Jack on filmmaking. Their pages are subsequently filled with beautiful photographs and articulate messages. 




AKA King of Vegans (unofficially), Ed Winters of Earthling Ed is an activist working tirelessly to educate and encourage everyone on the importance of veganism. His Instagram page flaunts an array of varied content including debates with pro-meat advocates, informative videos on current affairs, thought-provoking facts, #officialanimalrightsmarch news and updates on his animal rights organization Surge and non-profit vegan restaurant Unity Diner. It’s safe to say you won’t get bored of Ed’s posts.    




The Happy Pear is a vegan food organization made up of David and Stephen Flynn, another twin power duo (coincidence?). Based in Ireland and comprising of cafes, a farm, a range of products, online courses and cook books, The Happy Pear is hardly just an Instagram page. Their daily easy-to-make recipes, uplifting messages on leading healthy lifestyles and morale-boosting videos documenting local events and personal projects enables followers to feel personally included and involved in their community.




Tolmeia Gregory of Tolly Dolly Posh presents a refreshing alternative to a regular fashion blog. She refrains from photographing her #OOTD or documenting hauls, instead focusing on sustainable fashion activism by being at the forefront of demonstrations and encouraging conversations on the importance of sustainability. Her images combine fun graphic designs with serious messages, causing her content to be absorbed rather than ignored.  Check out our Q&A with Tolmeia to find out more about her work and mission.  

+ Words: Cressi Sowerbutts, Luxiders Magazine Contributor