Welcome Autumn! Sustainable Wishlist to rock the season


We love autumn's cool nights and sunny days. Most of all, though, we look forward to a change in fashion and lifestyle — more ethical and ecological choices for our wardrobe! Here are some of our favorites garments and products for a better autumn season. We are sure you will be proud of wearing them!


As our wonderful Emma Watson says, as consumers, we have some much power to change the world by just being careful in what we buy. Every time we spend money, we are casting a vote for the kind of world we want. For that reason, every month we write a wishlist featuring our favorite ethical and ecological products and garments worldwide. This is our selection, specially made for you. 


Powered by Wolven, Jean Franklin  & Shipsheip


Stella Jean Skirt 


Why to buy: The FW 2018 collection is inspired by the 11th Berlin Olympics games of 1936, celebrating the incredible bond of respect and friendship between the African American athlete Jesse Owens and the German Luz Long. Stella Jean produces internally and with a few small African producers, wax design motif textiles and to persevere and believe, despite the high cost of coherence, in the congruent and ethical research of the genuine local products that generate real profits to local communities.


What we love: The luminous eco leather for this skirt with dynamic dense plissé soleil and ribbons enhance the athletics theme of the print. This piece is made of satin and is equipped with button fastening on one side. Pair with the puffed sleeve T-shirt with the Dictionary print for an impeccable daytime look.


Price: $803 - 693 € |  Shop it now: Stella Jean


Eileen Coat


Why to buy: Shipsheip builts on a single premiss: The implicitness that aesthetics and ethics belong together. Design and values are therefore intrinsically tied to one another and create a sophisticated, modern and authentic style that is made to last. Furthermore, Shipsheip combines both global Fair Trade and local craftsmanship.

While you can simply pick and buy your favourite style in the Ready-to-Wear segment, you can adjust and design your fashion item individually in the Made-to-Wear segment. Whether the item is made on demand in Germany or in small quantities in Europe: It´s always produced under high quality standards and strict ethical criteria.


What we love: This elegant coat is simply as cozy as it gets and perfect for fall or spring time. Next to the classic black version, this lovely rose quartz look is one oft the favourite on-demand-choices, since its soft pastel shade is simply flattering for everyone. You can decide yourself if you rather have long sleeves or prefer them in Kimono-Style – and choose the colour and material you prefer. After your selection, your coat will be individually tailored for you in Germany.


Price: Ready-to-Wear: $279 - 239€ ; Made-to-Wear: $389  - 329€ |  Shop it now: Shipsheip


Belle Holiday Dress


Why to buy: All Jean Franklin pieces are made fairly by artisans in Los Angeles. Made in small batches from recycled fabrics and waste materials, each piece is lovingly crafted one at a time when your order is placed. Each fabric is limited edition, so your piece is as original as you, and never mass-produced.


What we love: Inspired by the 70s with a modern take and fit, the Belle Holiday dress is a timeless addition to your wardrobe. We love this dress for it's bold color options, dramatic keyhole neckline and front slit.

This dress is flattering on a variety of body types and creates an elongating effect. We also love the adjustable tie belt, which gives you unlimited styling options. It's a perfect wedding, holiday or special event dress that you can wear year-round. 


Price: $298 - 253 € |  Shop it now: Jean Franklin 


Midsummer Magic Sleeping Cream


Why to buy: The intense Midsummer Magic Sleeping Cream renews the skin while you sleep. It’s enriched with an exclusive blend of the arctic's most powerful antioxidant-rich plants. Three different types of hyaluronic acid are specifically targeted to work on different layers of the skin to help retain moisture. This nourishing nighttime repair treatment provides the perfect balance of moisture and rejuvenating benefits with a rich texture that feels light on the skin. The dynamic age-defying mechanism of the ingredients blend originates from the huge amount of strong antioxidants. 


What we love: The plant world of the Polar Circle is unique, and it is these antioxidant-rich superfood ingredients that form the heart of this beauty product.  The "superplants" are especially rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and have been shown to have a beneficial effect on skin health. The antioxidant-rich Arctic Blend of six plant extracts stimulates your skin’s own regenerative power. The products are free from paraben and mineral oils or other synthetic ingredients. 


Price: 119 € |  Shop it now: Inari Cosmetics


Reverie Reversible 4-Way Top


Why to buy: The Shakti Collection by Wolven is inspired by the ancient Indian roots of yoga and imagery found in mandalas – bringing a piece of the history of yoga to your modern day practice. Wolven is on a mission to Make Sustainability Sexy™ , creating garments from post-consumer recycled plastic that could otherwise end up in landfills. It is created by Kiran Jade and Will Ryan, based in Los Angeles, who aim to empower their audience to embrace sustainability at it's fullest.  The designers create each textile in-house so you are literally wearing a work of art when you adorn their creations.


What we love: 1 top, 4 ways. The 4-Way Reversible Top by Wolven takes sustainable design to a new level by offering endless styling opportunities. Keeping your wardrobe sustainable can be tough, but the multifunctional design of this top makes it easier.  With the option to keep it sleek with a high neck at the front, make it sexy with the cut out at the front, or reverse either of these options to a solid staple, the 4-way top is a sustainable essential. For our surf babes, this fabric is quick-drying and moisture-wicking, so this top doubles as the perfect surf top.


Price: $62 USD / $85 AUD / 52 € |  Shop it now: Wolven