Texworld Evolution Will Celebrate Its 25th Anniversary With A Focus On Sustainability



The second most polluting industry in the world. This is a title that the fashion industry has. To dispel this disgrace, the fashion industry is going through an evolution. Texworld Evolution, as a part of the evolution, or as one of its leader, will present a new fashion future through its trade show on July 3-5, celebrating their 25th anniversary.


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Texworld Evolution, organized by Messe Frankfurt, is one of the biggest fabric trade shows that is held twice a year in Paris, welcoming a thousand exhibitors from over 20 countries to Porte de Versailles Exhibition Center. It serves as a platform for textile professionals to showcase and explore the latest trends, innovations, and products in the industry. Attendance is expected to be 40% higher than the previous edition in February, with over 1,350 manufacturers. It is one of the best textile source for designers and buyers to choose from basics to the most innovative fabrics.


The ethical dimension will be in the spotlight in this edition. On the fabric side, the Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF) will be organising a grouping of manufacturers around these issues under the name «Taiwan Eco Textile Collective». Apparel Sourcing Paris also has a Sustainable Pakistan Pavilion.


At Avantex Universe in Texworld Evolution, designers and buyers can find offers with two spaces focusing on solutions and innovations to the fashion future created by companies with great visions. The first space named ReSources, will bring innovative materials and performance raw materials such as biofabrication and leather alternatives. The second, named Le Hub, is made for companies presenting original solutions and innovations for the fashion industry. This will include design and production towards sustainability, traceability, and even AI platforms. A number of conferences will also be held to discuss environmental labeling, alternatives to synthetic fibers, etc.

Exhibitors at Avantex are able to provide new processes, technologies or materials that contain one keyword: less polluting and more circular. Making the fashion industry more sustainable, resilient, transparent, and traceable is their mission for the fashion future.

Their efforts for sustainable fashion is a reflection to the current fashion trends. Younger generations and retailers are asking for more than just a style. They are demanding ethical, traceable, and eco-friendly garments. However, their efforts are not just to meet the growing demands of responsible consumers and the market for better profits: sustainability is the only direction and solution for the fashion industry to move forward. 


“To us, sustainability is not just a business opportunity but a prerequisite in the Fashion industry, and we're convinced that in the near future it will become the norm.” - says Frédéric Bougeard, the president of Messe Frankfurt France




In order to deeply understand the current fashion trends in terms of sustainability and to explore what Texworld Evolution is pursuing for the fashion future, we spoke to Mr. Frédéric Bougeard, president of Messe Frankfurt France. Mr. Bougeard shared valuable insights into the efforts made by Texworld Evolution to promote sustainable practices within the fashion industry and emphasized the importance of innovations in making a sustainable fashion future. 


What does sustainability mean to Texworld Evolution and to you, as director of the show?

 Messe Frankfurt and Texworld Paris have always kept sustainability close to heart. We have initiated our Sustainable Itinerary more than 15 years ago. It is well known that the textile and fashion industry is one of the most globalized and resource-intensive industries in the world. That is why the Messe Frankfurt Texpertise Network, which includes the trade fairs in Paris, is committed to the Sustainable Development Goals in collaboration with the Conscious Fashion and Lifestyle Network and the United Nations Office for Partnerships. 


New EU directives, new retailers and more responsible consumers are demanding more sustainable fashion products. How is this new reality reflected in Texworld's offer?

Nowadays, all the major sourcing countries present at our events do integrate sustainability as a core component of their offer and are rapidly evolving on this topic, especially with a strongly growing demand from mature markets. This evolution is also visible through our Sustainable Sourcing Itinerary with hundreds of certified companies standing out and special displays such as the Sustainable Pakistan Pavilion focusing on 14 companies and the Taiwan Eco Textile Collective pavilion specifically promoting 6 manufacturers.


Will we be able to enjoy a special area focused on sustainable materials within the exhibition, as Texworld used to do years ago? 

As I mentioned, the Sustainable Sourcing Itinerary will regroup all the manufacturers that are certified and take initiatives in this domain. They will be found through our Exhibitor Search function on our website and app. Some sustainable products will be collected and added to the Trends forum with the sustainable sticker to inform the buyers and designers.


As always there will be a huge presence of Asian manufacturers, do you think they are doing well in terms of sustainability?

Sure, we will welcome 24 sourcing countries for which Asia is, of course, the most represented. Over the years, we have seen a great deal of effort to adapt to the market, and many initiatives from this part of the world.


How do you see the future of fashion?

The future of Fashion will be a balance between economy and ecology. Meaning that companies will have to be profitable to earn a living, but also environmentally conscious. In fact, it is an increasingly important theme in the trends drawn up by our shows' artistic directors.

Although sourcing is mainly cost-driven, collective environmental awareness and regulations will force some stakeholders to take a stand for the planet, if they haven’t already.


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Artist : Julien Colombier @juliencolombier
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