Top 10 Best Zero Waste Shops in Europe



Zero waste shops are opening all over Europe. They offer an easy solution to how each of us can make our everyday living more sustainable. These are our top 10 zero waste stores in Europe.


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In a world where oceans and landscapes are filled with plastic debris and other trash, we can take small steps to be friendly to our planet and leave a lighter footprint. Out of the crucial need to reduce the waste, more and more packaging-free shops appear around the world. It is often Europe that becomes the benchmark in terms of sustainable development and a healthy lifestyle. These 10 European zero waste shops are ready to share their eco-friendly products with you.



Original Unverpackt is a pioneer in the field of sustainable consumption. Based in Berlin, it is the first zero waste shop in Germany that sells about 2,000 packaging-free products, household items, and pharmacy goods. Such products as yogurt, drinks or milk, are delivered in deposit bottles and jars. Customers determine the weight of their empty containers at the entrance and pay for the weight of the goods at the checkout. Explore other zero waste shops in Berlin here.



Little Plant Pantry is the first plastic-free bulky store in Amsterdam focusing on ethical consumerism, healthy natural products, and promoting a plant-based diet. As a specialized food shop, it offers food ingredients without or with minimal packaging and cooperates with local artisan food producers. Moreover, you can enjoy plant-based homemade food prepared in the small kitchen available in the shop.



Gram is a zero waste store in Malmö aimed at reducing packaging at every stage from producer to your home. At Gram, you can find over 300 unpackaged products from local producers, organic farms, and non-food items including soaps and detergents, coffee filters and reusable bottles.



Founded to promote sustainable choices, Damn Plastic is an Austrian plastic-free store with a large catalog of household things. But that’s not it. Damn Plastic is a start-up and event consulting company built to make a difference and plastic-free partying possible. Its founders focus on bringing accountability back to people and businesses who choose to keep using plastic.



Reuzi is Ireland’s leading shop for eco-friendly and sustainable products offering a wide range of amazing products (more than 100 zero-waste brands on their website) from bathroom essentials to on-the-go items and plastic-free skincare. Its founder, Pat Kane, is also dedicated to making her business the educational hub. She runs several recycling and sustainability workshops to inform, inspire and connect people in Dublin.



Visiting Venice, be sure to check out this shop. Rimani is the first packaging-free store in Venice selling bulk products, detergents on tap, and soap by the piece. It is a brilliant place to find creative handmade items and organic cosmetics made by small-batch makers or local artisans.



If you happen to be in France, do your grocery shopping in Day by day. It is the first store chain offering daily purchases in bulk and in reusable returnable containers. This packaging-free shop chain will surprise you with  more than 750 food products.



Located in Barcelona, Gra de gràcia is a zero waste grocery store selling organic, natural and local food in bulk. Products include coffee beans, tea, cereals, legumes, herbs, dried fruits, pasta and much more.



Opened in Zurich, FOIFI is both a sustainable products shop and cafe. Almost everything FOIFI sells is local, much delivered by bike. The cafe is building a community where people can come together and learn to live more environmentally friendly. 



Eco-goods store located in Prague, Naber si, offers about 400 food and 250 drug products free of packaging. Naber si suggests the place where you can buy high-quality, seasonal, local, as well as foreign zero waste products.



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