Why is everybody talking about Lagom, Hygge and Dan Sha Ri?



If you are planning to move out or change the interior of your home, you might have heard of Lagom, Hygge or Dan Sha Ri. But do you know what exactly they are, and what positive impacts they will bring into your home? This article could be an answer.


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In our fast-paced and problematic world, having a balanced, simple, and peaceful moment just for yourself is becoming necessary in your days. That’s also perhaps why minimalism has been one of the biggest trends in fashion, interior, and so on until now. As the new lifestyle has appeared, three unique styles called Lagom, Hygge, and Dan Sha Ri have gained popularity in recent years for their positive impact on bringing well-being, simplicity, and harmony in our lives.

Lagom, a Swedish word meaning "just the right amount," which brings the idea of moderation and balance. It helps us to find equilibrium in every aspect of our lives, including your home. Lagom emphasizes practicality and functionality, with a focus on using just the right amount of furniture, accessories, and decor. It avoids overly decorated interiors, and unnecessarily luxurious environments at home. Lagom spaces often feature clean lines, neutral colors, and a sense of simplicity. With Lagom, every item and design at your home has a purpose, and they are always “just the right amount”.

Hygge, is a Danish term that has a concept of focusing on embracing cozy and intimate moments by yourself or with your close friends or family. It celebrates the small and simple pleasures of everyday life and it creates a sense of comfort, connection, and well-being. Hygge in the interior is all about creating cozy, comfortable, and inviting spaces. You can bring any items that make you feel the most comfortable, but It normally uses materials from nature, such as woods, stones, and textiles made of natural fibers, to create a warm and soothing ambiance. Soft lighting, such as candles or warm-toned lamps, is used to create a gentle and relaxed atmosphere. The goal is to create an ambiance where you can rest well, and spend a great time with your lovers, family, and friends.


Dan Sha Ri is a Japanese philosophy derived from three words focusing on “letting them go”. "Dan" means to refuse unnecessaries, "Sha" is about getting rid of excess items, and "Ri" means becoming free from obsessions. Dan Sha Ri teaches us that materials don’t bring us happiness, but our mind does. In Interior design, Dan Sha Ri promotes a minimalist aesthetic, with simple and functional designs, open spaces, and least amount of items. It also focuses on getting rid of clutters and unnecessary items to create an organized space. By simplifying our surroundings and letting go of our greed, we create space for clarity, focus, and peace.

Although those three concepts are all from different countries and cultures, Lagom, Hygge, and Dan Sha Ri share a common philosophy: they pursue balance, simplicity, and peace in our mind. They teach us to appreciate the beauty of space, little pleasures in everyday life, and to find well-being from a minimal lifestyle.



Highlight Image: © Daniel Chent via Unsplash

Yoochan Si
Luxiders Magazine