Sustainable Wishlist to have an eco-conscious March



In an era of growing consciousness and concern about the strain mass consumption is placing on the planet and its resources, we need more brands to be sustainable and maximise growth at the same time. Here we select for you our favourites of June. Get to know our sustainable wishlist for a positive change this month. 


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Guayarmina Dress by Wiwi 


Why to buy: WIWI is an ethical and sustainable fashion project born of the commitment to the environment and a dream to create beautiful, durable and sustainable garments that respect nature and people. The designs and manufacturing methods intend to generate a positive social impact and offer people the possibility of dressing in an ethical, aesthetic and sustainable way. The company looks for the best European fabrics to create exclusive, unique and durable garments that respect nature and people. 


What we love: The Guayarmina dress is made of linen cultivated and woven in France. It has Oeko-Tex Certificate, which means the linen has been dye with low environmental impact, not harmful to human health.  Designed and made in Galicia, Spain,  the colors remind us of the ocean, corals and tropical. Wiwi is a slow fashion brand. All its garments are made with 100% natural fabrics. They produce locally and create decent work, they are Zero Waste (with the remnants that they obtain, they make the accessories of the collection –belts and bows–). 


Price:  160 €  - $ 180 USD


Shop it now: Wiwi



Why to buy: These blankets are handmade with 100% pure Merino Wool from the heart of the Karoo in South Africa - where none of their little wool producing sheep are harmed in any way during the production of the blankets. They are the perfect product for a conscious mother. Pure wool is one of the most breathable materials in the natural world and it is regarded as an ‘active fibre’ meaning that it reacts naturally to changes in body temperature, keeping one warm in a cold environment but cooler as the outside temperature increases. Naturally resistant to bacteria and mold, bio-degradable and minimizing the presence of dust-mites, this baby blanket is ideal for your little one especially if they are allergy sensitive.

What we love: Aviwe means “to be heard” and directly reflects the core value of the label to be the voice of communities and people who are in need of support. These blankets form part of a community upliftment project in rural South Africa. Blankets from Africa hold needlework courses for women in communities with high levels of unemployment. Once the women have completed the workshops they are given needles, patterns and natural wool to create the signature ‘Blankets from Africa’, along with personal empowerment and steady employment. Now these talented women have the means to support their families and join a community network of security and positivity.

Price:  125 € - $142  USD |  Shop it now: Aviwe


Gunda Hafner


Why to buy: What better way to welcome Spring than with this elegant ensemble from Gunda Hafner Ltd. Produced in the UK, the label uses natural fibre materials sourced in Europe, most of them GOTS certified. By choosing classical colours, creating garments suitable for various occasions and situations and by using cuts that are comfortable yet chic, Gunda Hafner Ltd. strives to create products that last longer in terms of quality and design, therefore contributing to the aim of sustainability.


What we love: One of the materials taking centre stage this year in the Spring/Summer 2019 collection is the silk and soft floral pattern on this long beautiful skirt which was uniquely created in collaboration with @petradoppler.  So feminine and flattering, the skirt is perfectly paired with the white cotton lace t-shirt.  The garments from Gunda Hafner Ltd. can be combined not only within one but all collections making it a fundamental wardrobe that does not need an annual replacement but can be built upon.


Price: T-shirt 100€ - £90 / Skirt 200€ - £180


Shop it now: Gunda Hafner Ltd.


Skirt Valentina


Why to buy: A must have for "circular economy" lovers. This straight short skirt with low waist with two side pockets is made from cotton canvas with map print on a light brown background and recycled coffee bag detail in the pockets. 


What we love: Sylvia Calvo BCN is an eco-friendly and ethical fashion brand aiming to make sustainability part of the design, which is why its manufacturing process is entirely handcrafted and uses ecologic materials, both organic and recycled, with minimal impact on the environment. This way, each clothing piece obtains a unique and distinctive style. 


Price: 85€ - $96 USD  |  Shop it now: The Circular Project

Geisha Glow Phytoactive Cream


Why to buy: This fabulous instant-lift booster solely consists of plant-based actives, leveraging nature phenomes as the hibernation method of the snowflake for the better of our skin.  The symbiotic relationship between secret Geisha skincare recipes and latest western phyto-science culminates in a sustainably sourced, cruelty free and vegan yet highly effective face serum. Ingredients are bio-fermented to reduce allergic reactions, increase bioavailability and concentrate comprised vitamins, amino acids and a wealth of other active plant substances. In the spirit of the brands all natural luxury approach, the product is packed by hand and comes in a recyclable glass airless dispenser, waiving both plastic and synthetic preservatives.


What we love: Since ancient times, Geishas pass on their exclusive skincare secrets solely to their very own selective circle. Based on scrolls from the Edo period, one of the very few written documentations never published in a western language, Tozaime provides access to this all natural skincare recipe treasures.  The Geisha Glow Phytoactive Youth Cream now allows us to experience the essence of time-tested, plant based skincare cultivated over centuries by the most beautiful women of the eastern world.


Price: 79 € / $90 |  Shop it now: Douglas


Icelandic Jeweller Aurum


Why to buy: Icelandic jeweller Aurum was founded in 1999 and the jewellery is designed and made by the award winning goldsmith and designer Guðbjörg Kristín Ingvarsdóttir.  Aurum stands for Ambition, Understanding, Responsibility, Unity and Mindfulness. Their recycled sterling silver jewellery is inspired by nature and evokes natural patterns, resulting in pieces that are both modern and timeless. Aurum sources materials from certified fair trade companies and all packaging is environmentally friendly.  Aurum incorporates sustainability principles throughout the company‘s operations, such as sourcing only recycled and re-refined precious metals and only buying certified and conflict-free precious stones and diamonds.


What we love: We love the new Sindur jewellery collection. It has a modern, organic feel and features finely crafted earrings, bracelets and necklaces in both gold plated sterling silver and 925 sterling silver. Pearls and precious stones abound including Spinel, Swarovski crystals and Swarovski crystal pearls. All Aurum’s jewellery is handcrafted from recycled sterling silver in the brand’s integrated workshop in Reykjavik by Guðbjörg and her team. Each touch point of the brand, from the factories to the materials to the sustainable packaging which is crafted from paper from the mulberry tree, is firmly grounded in ethical and sustainable practices. 


Price: 59€- 241€ / $68 - $278 |  Shop it now: Aurum




Why to buy: With its ecologically certified fabrics and its local production, Tricksters pushes the idea of sustainability one step further, by reinventing the way we handle our wardrobe. The label offers the possibility to reinvent yourself while being super ecological and minimalist: you just combine its 20 pieces (made in limited edition) to create more than 1,000 different looks! If you buy something now and you get tired of it in a few years, you just need to change the sleeves or the central piece and you get a brand new outfit!


What we love: Tricksters is not only an eco-friendly brand, it's also fun and creative. With its zipper system, the collection allows you to be creative and play around with it! Fun fact: the pockets and linings are actually made out of recycled second-hand fabrics!


Price:  25€- 50€ / $28-$57 a piece


Shop it: Tricksters


S'well Bottle


Why to buy: S’well was launched with the mission to rid the world of plastic water bottles. We believe this crave-worthy bottle that combined fashion with function will help people to stop buying disposable bottles, reducing single-use plastic consumption worldwide.


What we love:  This S'well bottle will keep your beverage cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 12, thanks to its triple-walled Therma S'well™ insulation technology. We love the design of the Elements Collection, featured in a shiny, high-gloss finish, mimics the appearance of essential materials from ancient quarries and freshwater pearls. Thanks to S’well’s triple-walled insulation, which includes a copper layer, the outside of your S’well will stay completely condensation-free. We also love that S'well supports UNICEF USA and BCRF.

:  30€- $35 |  Shop it now: S'well