Alexander McQueen and Vestiaire Collective announce a pioneering collaboration



A mix between innovative technology and love for luxury garments have come together through the use of the new program called “Brand Approved” created by Vestiaire Collective. Alexander McQueen will be the first luxury brand to collaborate with the platform.


A "select group" of clients will be contacted by the brand Alexander McQueen. If there are any pieces that the clients wishes to sell, they will be assessed by a sales representative of the brand. Once the pieces are approved, the clients will automatically receive a credit note to spend in specified Alexander McQueen stores. 

Once the pieces of clothes are processed by Vestiaire Collective, they will carry an external NFC tag with information for the new clients, confirming authentication of the McQueen garment. The “Brand approved” collection is available in the app or in the website of Vestiaire Collective. 

The CEO of Alexander McQueen, Emmanuel Gintzburger, said: “We are delighted to be the first house in the world to collaborate with Vestiaire Collective on its Brand Approved program and to give beautifully crafted pieces a new story. We are confident that our customers will be equally excited to take part in an initiative that challenges a linear economy and sets a new and more sustainable standard for the future.”


The collaboration reinforces Alexander McQueen commitment to the durability of luxury fashion. Moreover, sets a remarkable example for many other luxury brands into coming together towards a more sustainable fashion industry. 

In this way, companies such as Alexander McQueen will have the opportunity to control their pre-owned products, solving one of the main issues of second hand luxury resale: the authentication. Throw “Brand Approved” customer will be provided with a guarantee of authenticity. 

You can download the app of Vestiaire Collective, or visit the Website to check the collection. 

* Both images courtesy of  Vestiaire Collective.


   +  Words: Leila Salinas, Luxiders Magazine 

Journalist | Berlin-based 

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