Beauty goes natural with cruelty-free products | Where to start?



When we first started living more eco-consciously, it didn’t take long to realize that one of the areas that need an immediate change is our bathroom cosmetics. We took a look around and realized that every single beauty product we use has a plastic packaging. Then we started to go deeper and for the first time in life admitted that we don’t even know (or didn’t really care before?) if the brands we love so much are testing on animals or not…It is time explore new developments in natural, ethical cosmetics.




And it all went from there. We started to check the labels, looked for dangerous chemicals (more information about what to avoid here, spent hours browsing the internet and trying to find out as much information as possible.

It wasn’t an easy and immediate transition and to be honest our routine is still not perfect but looking back we can’t believe it took us so long to be more conscious. Maybe you’re going through a similar transition right now maybe you are just looking for some new tips -  either or, we hope this helps.

Cruelty-free is the new black
We know it can get a bit overwhelming and you might wonder where to start. Well if the company test on animals stop supporting it. You would be surprised how many of your favourite brands are not cruelty free. Always try to do a little research before buying and don’t worry there are so many cruelty free brands out there, you’ll find your new favourites soon.

Plastic is so 1980
Next thing we were trying to change is the packaging. If the product comes in plastic, try to look for alternatives. That might be tricky as plastic rules the world, but I’m sure we all can at least reduce the amount that we use. If you can’t go ‘naked’ change for aluminium or glass packaging.

Dump single use products
Make-up wipes make up removal pads, face sheet mask. All the products that we can only use once and are packed in extra layer or two of plastic and usually end up in landfill or in the ocean. Dump them! Now it is easier than ever. There is so many alternatives out there. Like  reusable make up removal pads, we were a bit sceptical at the beginning but once you give it a go you won’t go back! Can’t believe we ever lived without it. Such an easy swap!


Bar soaps
Do you remember that bar soup your parents used to have? The one you probably didn’t like that much. Well they are back and better then ever. The kind that will make you and your bathroom smell like heaven. Solid bars are the new black. Soap wash, face wash, shaving soap, solid shampoo bar. Some of them takes a while to get use to but the soap wash is the easiest swap ever. Plus it is the best hack for traveling, no more liquids at the airport!

Clean deodorant
Everyone knows how harmful the deodorants we use are. Chemicals get absorb to our skin (more details – google and do research) …. This might not be the easiest swap as it takes some time to get use to and you might need to try few different ones before you find your favourite. But so many of them got such a nice smell and in the long run is one of the best swaps you can do for your body!

We all have that favourite perfume that we love so much, took us ages to find and now we don’t want to let it go. I know I’ve been there! BUT from all the products we use on our skin this might be the most toxic one so give it a try. Imagine how much amazing new scents you will be able to discover. So many companies out there are using natural ingredients and their products smell divine.

Nail polish
Now back to the really easy swap. Do you know that the skin around our cuticles is so sensitive that the chemicals could easily enter your body? Choose a natural nail polish. And did you know that there is so many options without the harmful chemicals. The range goes from 3-free to even 14-free based on from how many chemicals are they free from.

Give some of these options a go. We believe that more you try more curious you are going to become. It will make you look and feel good plus you are doing a favour not only to the planet but also to your body.

If there are some of your favourite products that you don’t want to give up or can’t find an alternative that works for you it’s okay. The least you can do is to make sure you recycle the product properly. And we have companies out there that can help you with it. Innovative recycling companies that are dealing with hard-to-recycle materials. Just do a little research and google the one in your area. There is always a way how to be a bit more conscious.

And remember it’s not always easy to find a product that works for you so don’t give up and keep looking!


+ Words: Kristina Kasparova

Kristina Kasparova is a creative nomad, free spirit seeking real conversations and inspiring stories. Czech made, she is currently based in London, focused on more ethical fashion and sustainable life.

Instagram: @kristinakasparova