Beauty Products With Fruits | A Sustainable Alternative of TikTok


The beauty industry continues to evolve and TikTok's #fruitmakeupchallenge proves it. With an innovative and natural perspective, fruit-based makeup opens up opportunities for new changes. Will it be possible to boost the sustainability of beauty thanks to this social media? 


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This year, on TikTok, a challenge went viral where thousands of users used fruits to create a very natural look. With different types of fruits, many tried to reach the "no makeup" effect. They also created a fun and amazing way to apply makeup, which could work on several occasions.

Cherries were used to pigment the cheekbones and applied as blush. The burnt tips of bananas worked as eyeliner and eyebrow paint to define the look. And blackberry juice was used to create a lipstick shade to highlight the lips and a shadow to add color to the eyes. Although other fruits such as beet, blackberries and raspberries were also used.


This trend created a great debate about the future of makeup that can be used on a daily basis. Although for many, fruit is obviously not the solution, because of the sticky feeling they leave behind, many also recognized that it is a perfect idea for the transformation of the beauty industry.

With fruit-based products, environmental pollution would be reduced. The ingredients most recognized as having a negative impact are parabens, silicones, oils and preservatives that come from petrochemicals. Their production and production have caused damage to flora and fauna in different regions of the world. Many of these chemicals are toxic, they are not degradable and the overexploitation of the lands where they are obtained is uncontrollable.

These raw materials represent the sustainable future of cosmetics. Because, through the use of such accessible natural resources, makeup and skincare will have purer, non-toxic formulas that are gentler on the skin and the planet alike. Undoubtedly, this is not only an advantage for the protection of the environment but also a way to benefit the skin. Thanks to the natural properties of fruits, the products can provide people with many nutrients and vitamins.

Beauty products made with natural ingredients, prove to be an alternative and solution against climate change. Do not miss the opportunity to obtain or create them, as well as promote these sustainable initiatives with all the digital tools of today, which are at our fingertips.


*Highlight Image: © Carolyn de la Corte  via Unsplash



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Regina Berndt
Luxiders Magazine