Behind The Scenes With The Sustainable Beauty Brand Kitaka



The growing number of animal welfare acts and the ever-increasing population of consumers adopting a vegan lifestyle are influencing the growth of the cruelty-free make-up market.


Globally its size is expected to reach USD to billion by 2024, registering a 6% growth rate between 2019 and 2024. For conscious consumers, this means more options on the market and easier access to cruelty-free products. A brand that consumers and influencers seem to love is one that among the many great cruelty- free makeup brands that have entered the scene in the past few years has undoubtedly made a name for itself: Kitaka of London.  This British lip-gloss brand, founded by Patrice Hall, aims to bridge the gap between makeup and skincare with their lipwear, which has the pigmentation of lipsticks and the conditioning properties of lipbalms. Their products are cruelty-free certified by Leaping Bunny, made with organic botanical ingredients, and free from fragrances, synthetic dyes, and palm oil. In this interview, Patrice Hall shared her experience as the founder of a green make-up brand, allowing us to get to know what’s like to be a green entrepreneur.  


What made the founder, Patrice Monique, decide to open Kitaka?

PH: After years of working as a fashion stylist I began to realise my passion was slowly diminishing, I knew eventually I would need to change direction into something I found more fulfilling. Fashion was always my first love so leaving it behind would be difficult, furthermore, there was only one other industry I loved as much as fashion, beauty. After much thought I reached the idea of selling great lip products under a beauty brand which was much more than about its products. A brand which had meaning and stood by its core values. Kitaka was born.


Do you think that the label “sustainable” is an asset to your brand?

PH: Certainly. I believe many of our customers shop with us for more reasons than the fact we sell great lip gloss. The most common feedback we receive tends to be based on the brands efforts of sustainability, whether it be the natural and organic formula, recyclable packaging, or our stance on cruelty-free beauty. I think sustainability is what makes Kitaka more than another lip line company.


Has it been hard in your experience to run a sustainable business?

PH: In my experience it has not been hard running a sustainable business, it has certainly been educational. When I started to create Kitaka one of the first things I knew was that it would be cruelty-free, after that at each stage of developing the brand was a learning experience. I educated myself on why being more than just cruelty-free would be beneficial to customers and the planet. This is when I started to understand the importance of recycling in the cosmetics industry and palm oil deforestation. I believe when you become passionate about something you’re naturally inclined to research further, helping you to gain greater knowledge of the subject, I decided to apply my new found knowledge into building Kitaka and will continue to do so.


How do you see the future of sustainable make up?

PH: I feel incredibly positive about the future of sustainable makeup. Every day people are becoming much more aware about the amount of time we have to save the planet, and from what I have seen most people want to do their part, no matter how big or small. I think social media has been a great platform for like minded people to come together and share ways on how to make eco-friendly choices when shopping for makeup. I feel what was once quite niche, has now turned mainstream and I hope this inevitably leads to both future and current brands becoming more conscious of this movement.


   + Words: Roberta Fabbrocino, Contributor at Luxiders Magazine

Roberta Fabbrocino is a writer and an environmentalist who loves sharing stories about all things sustainability. She runs @mosclothingsubscription, an eco-friendly personal styling service, and creates content for green brands.

Instagram:  @naturallybree