5 of the Best Natural Cosmetic Brands with Sustainable Packaging




When it comes to our hair and skin care regime, often it is what is inside of the product which counts. However, in recent years, the packaging that our favourite beauty products come in is also worthy of getting our attention. As beauty fanatics and consumers, it’s becoming increasingly more irresponsible to ignore the industry’s growing carbon footprint.


Although the industry is making great progress, with microbeads being banned and more vegan and natural products available now than ever, it isn’t just what is in your favourite products, but the container that they come in, too. The solution to maintaining this issue comes from choosing dual-use products, making the most of the products and buying from brands which are committed to sustainability.


From clever no-waste bottles to recycled cardboard packaging, there are some brands which are going above and beyond to work on reducing their impact on the environment.



Bleach London

Their vegan formulas have amassed a loyal fan base, but it is Bleach’s packaging which also makes them stand out from the crowd. Their relaunched packaging is made from eco-friendly and recycled materials, using cardboard which has been 100% recycled.

This no-waste attitude also led to the creation of their customisation palette, which allows consumers to buy individual eyeshadows and store them in a magnetic box, which solves the problem of only using one or two colours in an eyeshadow palette. This means you can create your own kit and refill as and when you run out, leading to less product waste and unnecessary packaging.



Axiology are known for being a luxurious lipstick company, with extremely high-quality products on offer. Their products come with an impressive ingredients list, including avocado oil, elderberry extract and coconut oil, and 70% of the ingredients are organic. As a brand, on the whole, their sustainability credentials are extremely impressive.

They have been certified by PETA as a cruelty-free and completely vegan brand and they also have palm-oil free products. Their packaging is sourced from a woman-owned recycled paper manufacturer in Indonesia. Axiology also supports the Orangutan Foundation and they purchase their moringa oil and shea butter stock through fair trade channels.



With farm-grown ingredients, Farmacy has quickly become a staple for sustainable beauty enthusiasts. All of the ingredients used in their products are free from animal testing, artificial colours, parabens and formaldehyde, but the brand is so much more than the products within the jars. Label printing is done using soy ink on FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) paper which has been harvested from maintained forests and Farmacy has put sustainability practices into the glass jars used for the packaging, ensuring that they are recycled and fully recyclable.

Farmacy have won awards for perhaps the most thoughtful aspect of their packaging. The cardboard boxes which the products come in fold outward, origami-style, creating information sheets with the story of the brand, ingredients and products, which eliminates the need for extra paper inside the product.


Dirty Hippie

Originating in Australia, Dirty Hippie is an extensive makeup range consisting of primer, bb creams, foundation, mascara, blush and lipsticks - and the whole range is completely vegan and cruelty-free. Their products are handmade and high quality and will soon be palm oil free. When it comes to ingredient sourcing, they have all bases covered and either purchase using fair trade channels, buying local ingredients or even growing their own.

The products come in eco tubs and use recycled paper which can later be composted, but they also use glass bottles and tines which can then be reused or recycled after use. The labels are printed using veg-ink and their operations are located in a zero-waste community and is solar powered.



Lush has long been a leader in providing ethical, vegan and fresh beauty products but they have recently made waves with their packaging-free product range because, as they say, “packaging is rubbish”. Their incentive is to offer 80% of their range without any packaging whatsoever and products which used to need containers are now solid in order to avoid packaging waste.

Shower gels, shampoos, lip scrubs and body creams are now made using little to no water, so they stay solid and are self-preserving. By replacing water with natural ingredients such as cocoa butter, they also keep your product clean.


 + Words: Natalie Wilson

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