Best Sustainable Restaurants and Bars in Hong Kong



Hong Kong F&B landscape has been buzzing for decades, featuring some of Asia’s finest restaurants, if not the world’s. To industry leaders, sustainability is no longer just a trend or a marketing gimmick, but a mission for the future that’s here to stay. Meet the best sustainable restaurants and bars in Hong Kong. 


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Whether they are a newcomer or a pioneer of the scene, we have gathered the best sustainable eateries and bars in town for your next gastronomical treat, and to the environemt. 



Roganic is no stranger to the farm-to-table dining scene. Helmed by British chef Simon Rogan, they have recently earned One Michelin Star, on top of their Green Star recognising their sustainability effort. Not only do they source most ingredients from local farms, ensuring they are cruelty-free, organic and minimal waste, but it has also been a while since they installed 3 Evogro systems in the restaurant growing mustard cress, sunflower shoots and many more herbs and garnishes for the dishes, keeping their carbon footprint low.

The organic tomatoes that come along with your dishes are from New Age Organic Farm – with promising quality adhering to the re-use, recycling and reducing wastage principles that echo Chef Rogan’s Farm to fork ethos. Leftover skins are then used for mocktails perfectly contemplating the menu. Another highlight would be the gratifying koji brined, stuffed and roasted three yellow chicken wings where its bones are used for extracting chicken sauces served with grilled corn. You can also expect ultra-fresh seafood dishes like scallop, kohlrabi dashi, pickled grape and caviar or the cheesy tunworth cheese ice cream sandwich for dessert. 






A newcomer to the prime location in The Landmark, Moxie is led by Michael Smith, previously working with Netflix-famed Shane Osborn, leading to this third opening under The Arcane Collective. Micheal’s new approach to conscious all-day dining is reflected on the seasonal ingredient-led menu, developed as he transitioned to a vegetarian. As such, he put a great focus on artisan farmers and suppliers, sourcing locally whenever possible. 

Under a cosy setting, you can find multicultural dishes spotlights in Moxie, with our favourite being its Three Grain Mapo Tofu – refined from a staff menu. Adorned with feta and Jalapeño dressing, it was a nice surprise out of a rather westernised environment. The Seared Fremantle Octopusis considerably the show-stopper, marrying the flavour from the sea with the cheesiness.



In one of Asia’s 50 Best, you get to experience the next level of upcycling and transparency in Penicillin. Under a closed-loop model of production, they upcycled ingredients from all local hotspots, from neighbourhood cafés to top-notched restaurants. At an affordable price, you get a full tour around the moody space, with their very own white-tiled lab and storage room. They have been, still, constantly studying innovative ways to create a more sustainable and flavourful formula. 

Frankly speaking, not one drink of Penicillin is your regular go-to. Their unique offerings range from 90% minimal-waste cocktails to in-house organic fermented drinks. Highlights include renowned One Penicillin, One Tree – as they aptly named, one drink will contribute to one tree, and apple, spiced honey and pineapple cider – fermented for 10 days in the bar. 











Originating from Bali, Potato Head is catching up rapidly on raising awareness of sustainable practices in Hong Kong. They have initiated Green Month a few years back, where a limited zero-waste cocktail menu and a selection of vegetarian and plant-based bar snacks are available. Until 8th October 2021, 1% of each bill will be contributed to Zero Foodprint Asia as support to local farmers. 

Welcoming TiNDLE (plant-based chicken) to the Hong Kong market, they specially curated Taco de TiNDLE dressed with mint and mayo sauce, as well as crispy cheddar cheese balls, dressed with wasabi mayo for the month, so grasp it while it’s available.



Under the lead of Antonio Lai – who brought Quinary to Asia’s 50 Best – Drafland is known as the first ‘cocktails on tap’ specialist in Asia. Their sustainability efforts are seen in their strictly no-garnish policy and pre-made cocktails cans, which reduces the use of electricity, water usage and eventually, our carbon footprint. 

Choosing from 24 cocktails on the evergreen menu displayed on the counter, we are kindly reminded of the alcohol level and ingredients of each drink. The cult favourites are oolong tea-infused Collins, gin-based Last Kanji made of matcha, yuzu and tea. Selections of mocktails and snacks are also available to pair with your booster. 


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